The Best in Contemporary & Modern Sofa Sets

Durian has a fantastic range of contemporary sofas and modern sofa sets designed to make a real difference to your home and garden. Transform your living and garden space with our stylish collection of sofas, perfect for enjoying an evening with friends and family.

The product designers have made a real effort to create products with comfort as the main factor with usability in mind without compromising on quality. The materials chose to design our sofa sets are of the highest mettle while allowing for both indoor and outdoor use.

The continued efforts of the industry to move towards a more standard and homogenous making them customisable and rearrangeable to form any suitable combination. These combinations are ideal for your interiors, patio or garden. With its textured appearance the numerous styles of leather sofa sets allows it only to be a part of the interior. 2 seater sofa sets and 3 Seater sofa sets made of rattan or plastic are perfect for the outdoors as these materials are weatherproof and low maintenance.

The most striking aspect of modern sofa sets is in its minimalistic appeal and its design. The straight lines and easy design harbour no lingering thoughts about comfort and style. Simply put, it makes these sofas attractive to all with the added appeal of any decor and enhancing the environment around it. These sets come with an affordable price tag and a look that will turn heads again and again. Contemporary sofa sets cater to a different set of people and are available in a variety of designs that are plush and pushing the boundaries with every line.

Plastic or rattan sofas really allow you to relax in the outdoors with maximum comfort. Unlike others a traditional rattan garden set can allow you to relax, stretch out and enjoy just as you might in your own living room. Each type of sofa has its own sets of strengths that help create a certain look for any space. The correct placement and the choicest style can do wonders to your living room or your garden. Taking a contemporary modern set that has plush arms cosseted in supple leather will give your space richness and a distinct focal point. Similarly a rattan set finished in the right manner with the right texture and pattern will help add a charming corner to your living space.

Author is a marketing executive with a leading furniture manufacturing firm that specializes in Bedroom Furniture like Modern Sofa Sets, Beds, Chairs, Tables & Storages amongst others.

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