7 Reasons: Why to Choose India as Medical Tourism Destination?

A staunch system of world class medical facilities has made India a much sought after destination for medical tourism. The term “Medical Tourism” refers to traveling to another country for healthcare services. In the era of technology, India is significantly ahead in healthcare industry as compared to competing nations. Indian doctors are considered to be among the best in the world and Healthcare Tourism has become a new reason to visit India because of high quality services and top notch treatment.

Medical tourists seeking surgical services from various countries have been impressed with the Indian commitment to quality and economical pricing.

Key Strengths of India for Health Tourism

Patients are adopting to come to India for healthcare services basically for two main reasons: Some countries simply lack medical expertise while in some countries, treatment is phenomenally expensive. India has several advantages when it comes to medical services:

  • India has a well-organized pool of manpower when it comes to surgeons and medical staff.
  • Prompt attention to patients for their treatment. Patients don't have to wait for months to get the proper treatment.
  • Indian nurses are considered to be skillful and compassionate in the world.

The following are the main reasons that makes India the best in Healthcare industry and justifies the reason to love India even more.

1. Highly Qualified Professionals in Medical Care

Not only India’s major Hospitals have attained the highest standards, but so did the professionals that are working in. Many health centers specialize in fields such as cardio surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, etc. The hospitals organize seminars and conferences where they invite leading doctors from all across the globe.

2. Affordable Medical Services

The cost of medical treatments in India is significantly low as compared to equivalent treatments in the other countries elsewhere in the world. Almost every treatment are around 50-80% less expensive in India than in countries like Europe, USA, etc. Above all, the facilities have same standards upheld.

3. Multiple Languages Speaking Staff

There is high professionalism in the Indian health industry. The patients don't have to panic about not being understood. The highly skilled paramedical staff are experienced in helping foreign patients with a wide variety of foreign languages like English, Arabic etc. with multilingual interpreters to translate, the patient can be assured that there are no language barriers.

4. Large Number of Internationally Accredited Hospitals with Hi-Tech Equipments

Indian Hospitals and clinics are constantly acquiring the latest equipments and technology to deliver a large range of services. Many medical centers have also implemented international patient wards with desks that cater to the travel, translation and other dietary requirements of international surgical tourists exclusively.

5. State of the Art Technology to Treat the Most Difficult Cases

India is renowned for treatments where advanced approach to healthcare is required, such as organ transplants, cardio surgeries, eye surgeries, etc. Indian hospitals are furnished with latest technologies like Gamma knife, IMRT, brain suite, PET scan, IGRT, etc. and highly skilled Doctors to carry out the treatments precisely.

6. Traditional Healing Systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha and Naturopathy

If a patient is looking for holistic healing then India is the ultimate medical tourism destination where they can take benefits of traditional and highly recommended treatments like the world renowned and highly effective Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and naturopathy.

7. Tourist Attractions That Offer Healing and Other Rewarding Experiences

India has a rich cultural and historical past. Travel is also very economical and easy. When the patients are done with their medical procedure, they can visit many tourist destinations in India to refresh their mind and body.

Many of the patients who visit India for medical tourism end up visiting the country due to these pleasing experiences.

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