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Every person wants to buy a favorite vehicle of his choice. Buying a vehicle needs a lot many things, be it financial requirements, space for parking, and the actual desire. There are many people who prefer not buying it; they rather prefer using cabs and public transport, as they feel that it will be difficult for guaranteed motorcycle financeand it will bring more hassles of maintenance and parking. The ones who want to buy need to fulfil certain requisites like arranging the finance and a proper place for parking. So if somebody is in the market for buying a vehicle, he must consider these:

•    If you are buying a bike with the full cash payment, then it is not a big issue. You need to give a cheque to the showroom from where you want to buy the bike. They will take your booking and will start with the formalities. People do not buy the motorcycle with full cash payment as EMIs for motorcycles on finance are much easier these days; banks do not charge higher interest rates.

•    If you have opted for EMI mode of payment and decided to finance motorcycle, you are going to take a loan to purchase the bike then yes it is a better option than the full cash payment. The main reason is that you earn a lot with regards to the time value of money, your money does not get blocked. You get the vehicle in present but the payment can be deferred, and you would not have to make a big expenditure at one go.

There are different banks which offer different interest rates for loans; you can visit them any time to know the rates. You can also log on to their website to know the rates. The websites also offer features like the comparison with other banks and they will also let you know the loan and EMI amount with motorcycle finance calculator facility.

loan eligibility and formalities

If you are buying a motorcycle from a bank incorporated in let’s say USA then you must adhere to the following formalities like:

•    You must be a resident of the USA, for this you will need a valid identity proof like your PAN motorcycled or voter ID motorcycled, etc

•    You must be above the age of 18; people below the age of 18 cannot apply for any loans including motorcycle loans

•    You must show a valid statement of income, some banks prefer a bank statement of the last six months.

•    You must have good credit ratings, yes, if you do not have a good credit score, then the chances are less for you to get loans. It might also be that you get a loan of not more than 50-60% of the value of the motorcycle (ex-showroom price)

•    If it is going to be a new vehicle then you can be eligible to get a loan of 100% of the ex-showroom price, and if it is going to be a second-hand vehicle then you might not get more than 80% of the total price of the motorcycle.

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