Dos in Marriage

Marriage life could be made better and with much fun provided the dos of marriage are respected.

  • Be available for each other.

Create sometime just with your spouse. Make sure you discuss things that will not lead to conflicts; your discussion should remind each other of your love and of memorable moments. Discussing about realizing some great projects together strengthens the bond between you.

  • Do not only say I love, let your actions show love

Showing your love will back up your love of the three magic words I love you. You can show your love by being positive. When you are negative even when it is not directed at your partner affects your relationship. Constantly guide your words. Support each other in everything you do, helping in realizing your dreams but do not try to get control of things. Always encourage hard work and speak words of encouragement. Build in trust by respecting your words not flattering. Gifts and fun ways are a way to express your love in a relationship. Keep in mind each other preferences and lower each other’s stress. You should be proud and confident of your partner.

  • Patience

Patience is the key of marital success. Patience is practice; if you are patient with your siblings, or at work with co-workers, that patience will be automatically translated into your marriage. However, an impatient person can practice to be patient. When in anger do not approach your spouse. You can wait a couple of days for the anger to die down before discussing any burning issue. Such issues should only be raised when your spouse is in a very good mood. This permits him to listen and understand you better.

  • Honesty and Trust

Build your relationship on honesty and trust to make it solid as it determines the level of intimacy. While flipping through your spouse phone is disrespectful a healthy relationship build on honesty and trust should allow your spouse flip through your phone, answer calls and read messages without any fear. Sharing all financial information is a symbol of honesty and trust. Financial problems have been the root cause of divorce in some relationships because the spouses hide money and purchases from their partners.

  • Do the things you want your spouse to do

Our needs and demands are too much but we often forget that we ought to do to others what we expect in return. From a very simple perspective, when you talk rudely to someone not necessarily your spouse, you are expecting a rude reply, if you like to be encouraged and appreciated then do that in return. Do not scold at some else If you do not like to be scolded at. This principle is a Golden Rule or the Law of Reciprocity.

  • Listen attentively and do not criticize in return

Listen more than you speak. The way you listen determines what you hear and also influences the speaker. Listen to your spouse with much attention and interest and reply only when your spouse stops talking. Listening to someone talking shows that we care. We fail to listen because as we listen many questions build up in our mines that make us to burst instantly.

  • Communication

Communication has always been and is still a very powerful tool in maintaining relationships of all types. It is important for couples to take some communication lessons. Partners are very different in the way they think; a balance should be attained for the marriage to remain healthy. Men’s ways differs from that of women. Do not assume your partner understands your body language so do well to communicate verbally. As a couple both of you should have the desire to improve upon your communication skills in order to avoid communication problems well in advance.

  • Smile and laugh together often

Smile and laugh reliefs you from stress. Laughter brings about playfulness in a relationship and reduces defensiveness. You can always recall some fun things that happened in the past or some foolish acts you did while young. How often you laugh in your relationship determines its health.

  • Encourage one another

Encouraging your partner bonds your marriage. In encouraging each other you need to know your weaknesses and background. Do not try to make your partner change from what he likes doing best but make them do what they like in a better way. Our words and actions should be wholesome. Lack of encouragement builds insecurity and kills the motivation to undertake positive changes. Recognizing each other’s efforts will result in significant overall growth and happiness in your marriage.

  • Be proud of each other

Tell your partner how proud you are of him. Do not end at I am proud of you, continue to what makes you proud. Being proud of your partner goes with a very high degree of respect. Do not tease each other in public. Also avoid correcting your spouse in public. Corrections should be done when you are just two of you and in a polite way.

  • Forgive and forget


It is not easy to forgive especially when you are wounded. It is also possible to let go than to forget. The ability to forgive and forget depends on the degree and type of offense. In marital relationships extreme bitterness is brought about by infidelity since it is irreversible. The persistence of infidelity is the cause of most divorces. Once a spouse comments adultery, tension builds up in the relation, the tension can only be reduced if the offense acknowledges the mistake, asks for forgiveness and takes appropriate measures to stop the relationship. The couple needs to analyze the circumstances that led to infidelity and adjust it immediately.

  • Say you are sorry

I am sorry is a three word statement that can put off the flame of a huge fire. Some people are too proud to say sorry even when they recognize that they are guilty. In a marriage relationship all form of pride should be avoided. Say sorry to your partner to make peace in your home and keep your relationship booming.

  • Live a prayerful life

Above all, prayer is the key to every successful marriage. When you pray together as a couple and family the bond is built in your relationship. While you pray you request God for togetherness and protection. Your behavior works in line to make this a reality and make you follow some basic principle of humility and love. Prayer helps resolves conflicts, keep communication flowing and acknowledges your dependence on Jesus Christ.


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