Enjoying your Marital Life

Marriage is considered as a life journey characterized by ups and downs just like any other relationship. While a majority of people say the marriage journey is tedious, this article portrays how easy and enjoyable marriage is. Whether you are the man or the woman, shape your marriage to suit you. Live the imaginary marriage life you ever dreamt of while you were unmarried. No matter how old or new the relationship is, each day presents another opportunity to give your marriage a special touch.

  1. Communication

In any aspect of our daily life, communication is a powerful tool; at the work place, in our homes or any social gathering. Always use the ‘Why and because’ clause.  Give a reason to your actions and only stick to it if it really counts. This clause has resolve problems in thousands of relationships. You should not decide to intentionally hurt your partner. Understand what your partner likes and dislikes his moods before bringing up a discussion.

         2.       Show mutual respect for each other

Respect is reciprocal; it is deserved and not requested for. Talk to your partner exactly in the same manner you will like your spouse to talk to you. If you talk soft and smooth manner, then expect a soft and smooth response. If you talk in a harsh and rude way then expect exactly that in return. This principle applies the ‘Rip what you sow’ Theory.

From my experience, two reactions are good to a harsh and rude approach. It is either you react in a soft and smooth way or you remain quiet until when your spouse calms down. Always avoid conflicts and remind each other of the better approach to use.

Give the same seriousness to each other’s views. Always apologize when you are wrong. Let to forgive and forget within a very short time and stop recalling unmemorable moments. This aggravates the existing issue and keeps each other distant. Do not screw through or answer your spouse phone or computer unless you are permitted to do so.

         3.        Constantly remind each other of your love

The manner in which you express your love matters much. A relationship should never get old for you to remind yourselves. Remind yourself of your love for each other as many times as possible a day. It revives the relationship.

         4.       Hug and kiss each other often

A good way to start your day is to hug and kiss your spouse. This maintains the warmth in the relationship. You need to keep the romance alive.

          5.       Make time for each other

You may be very busy with your weekly activities, and family members. It is important to create sometime for just the two of you. The relationship can also flourish very well once a health sex life is maintained.

           6.       Try to resolve your differences by yourselves without inviting third parties.

In case you have some misunderstanding in your relationship, resolve it between the two of you. When third parties are invited, the situation is aggravated. This is often because they turn to point accusing figures. The spouse to whom these figures are pointed becomes defensive by being aggressive. Hence, tension is mounted. The longer such misunderstanding is prolonged the relationship gets stressed up and can lead to divorce. Learn to say sorry when you and wrong. Some persons find it very difficult to say sorry. It takes seconds to say I am sorry and its impacts are immeasurable. However, avoid making the same mistakes and keep saying you are sorry. It sounds provocative.

     7.       Appreciate your spouse

Little gestures matters. Appreciate your spouse for everything good that they do. For example if your husband cooks food, you need to appreciate it even if it does not taste very good. Likewise husbands should appreciate their wife for every special meal offered to them and for taking care of the kids. They are several ways to appreciate your partner. Appreciation serves improves your romantic life.

             8.  Surprise each other with gifts

Surprise gifts create a warm in your relationship. Gifts are beauty and serve as a source of joy, smile and happiness. 0the gifts do not have to be very big and expensive. Small gifts and the messages they bear will create a great impact.

               9.       Incorporate your spouse friends and family into your life

When you love your spouse, you love all around her. Your spouse family is yours. Let your partner know what your relationships will like or appreciate and your customs. Feed your partner with enough information and confidence to be able to win your friends and family. Create an activity loved by your family and partner.

         10.   Work as a team

All was discuss your projects and plan together. Let your kids be involved in what you do. Both parents working together with their kids keep them emotionally balance. Working in a team requires efforts from all the family members.

Marriage is a dream to everyone and getting married to someone you love is very important.

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