Dreams of Riches

If wishes were horses then beggars would ride. Everybody wants to become rich; but very few know what can be done to become rich. Some were born with silver spoons. Becoming rich is very easy if you are determined. Hard work is rewarding, it never fails. When you stumble and fall you get up and continue the fight for riches. There are many ways to get rich, there are no short cuts. Going up is simple and pretty fast; staying rich is not easy. You got to develop strategies.

Your mindset

Becoming rich is not luck; it originates from our mindset. If you want to be a millionaire you will think like a millionaire and do things like a millionaire. No one has become rich without dreaming of becoming one. Millionaires think like entrepreneurs and will hardly work for someone else. Your mindset must have projects with unlimited potentials. Persist, belief in yourself and push forward. To become a multimillionaire you need just the ideas and hard work. Although you really want to be rich all your intentions should not be devoted to money only but in make a significant contribution which will be very much appreciate and yield the money you want.

Goal setting

Setting goals enable you work harder to achieve them. Let your outcomes be specific and measurable so that you can know whether you are making progress or not.


 Education is the key to success. Further your education above high school even if you are already working. Higher degrees earn more money. Your possibility of getting rich is shaped by what you study. In pursuing your studies do check on high carrier jobs to be able to orientate your field of study.

Never be discouraged

All the billionaires that did not inherit their wealth grow richer slowly. They all face situations of depression. They worked hard and exercise patience. If you fail in a business determine all the factors that led to failure. Analyze the possibility of continuing in the same line of activity. If it is impossible consider other activities you can get involved in. Rich people fail and fail but they keep on trying.

The power of positivity

In becoming rich believe you are rich and the possibility of making it. Tell yourself there is much money out there and that you much reach out for it. Dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to make money.

Get to know what others are doing. Ask as many questions as possible as to what people like and ideas on what you can do which will yield money.

Create your own business

Find the business that is right for you. All you need in your business is the skills, dynamism, perseverance, and diligence. Invest small amounts of money in a business at a time and observe how it grows. You can spend thousands of dollars in a business and do not get it back. Take the risk for it is worth it. Business comes with much risks but the potential reward is very high.

Employ workers

A normal working day is made up of 8 hours and rich people really do not have enough time. Considering that time is money when you create jobs and employ about 10 persons working under you, then you get a compensation worth 80 hours. Make you all your workers are busy and that their work bring in some money at least twice their monthly wages. Hire people especially for things that you are not good at.

Manage your finances

You should be discipline in your experiences. Wealth is accumulated. Spend on money on necessary items. Spend less than you earn and live below your standards. Live a simple life, borrow wisely and repay promptly. Save more money which will produce some amount of interest. Before you start spending your salary put a said percentage into your savings account first. Do not depend on one source of money. Create a number of streams that can make money flow.

Investing money

Invest your money in stocks in a new company or other form of investment over a long time. Investing can increase your money more than a hundred fold. Investing in real estate or rental property requires much money you can become very rich. Avoid investing your money in some bad trades.


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