Know About Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy to Treat Parkinson

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Deep brain stimulation is widely used for treating herniated, protruded, extruded or degenerative disc spine issues; alleviate the tremor, rigidity related with a variety of movement disorders. Most the deep brain stimulation therapy India is carried out in patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological condition. Most of the successful effects have been achieved with DBS that collectively control the complex movements. Deep brain stimulation therapy in India has proved extremely effective towards the movement disorders which can return the patients to a normal quality of life. It also allows them to play their full part in the family and society. It is a reversible approaches and hence preferred to lesions.

Types of Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy in India

Deep brain stimulation therapy in India include implantation of a wire with four electrodes at the tip into one of the following three target sites in brain- the globus pallidus, and the procedure is called pallidal stimulation, the thalamus and procedure known as thalamic stimulation and the subthalamic nucleus and the procedure known as subthalamic stimulation.

Advantages of Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy in India

The deep brain stimulation therapy in India has many advantages. The electrical stimulation is adjustable whereas the surgical destruction is not. As the response of patient to the surgery changes over time, the stimulation can be adjusted without the necessity to repeat the operation. Another benefits related to the deep brain stimulation therapy are associated with the future treatments. The destructive surgery such as Pallidotomy or thalamotomy can reduce the potential of the patient to benefit from the future therapies. Studies show that about 65 to 85 percent patients who have been implanted with the DBS system, has significantly reduced and eliminated the tremor. Majority of patients have reported to participate in activities they could not attempt before this therapy.

The deep brain stimulation therapy India is known to mitigate the movement related disorders but it can have serious repercussions unless delivered by an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable specialist. Most of the doctors, surgeons and healthcare professionals in India have been internationally trained to handle multiple cases related to DBS.

Millions of patients have travelled across India to seek low cost medical and surgical procedures from the world class facilities across the country. Many foreign patients have also got their deep stimulation therapy India through Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India, renowned to offer assistance to patients throughout their entire journey in India. We are associated with the top Indian hospitals with sophisticated infrastructure and state of the art amenities. We also provide assistance in arranging the hotels and accommodations for the patients as well as accommodations while seeking the deep brain stimulation therapy in India.

Cost of deep brain stimulation therapy India is extremely low. It is around 15,000-30,000 USDs while it will cost about 60,000-70,000 USDs in the US. Getting your deep brain stimulation India is highly economical with the modern technology, holistic hospitals and health experts from across the country. You can save on diagnosis, medical, surgeries and therapy procedures with the best healthcare facilities in India since the total price can be about 60-90 percent less than offered in the Western countries. Even after considering the medicine cost, consultation and doctor’s fee, nursing, private transportation, pre and post accommodation at hotels, etc. you will save a lot of money. International patients will pay very less for the world class healthcare services with the deep brain stimulation therapy in India and the cost will vary as per the surgeons and hospitals across the country.

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