Turmeric and Arthritis: Healing Powers You Didn’t Know About

By Essence

The word “turmeric” may be familiar to you that is if your past time is spent in the kitchen preparing exotic dishes for your family. Turmeric is a curry spice used in East-Asian cultures extensively. Whether that be for rice, chicken, or whatever. You’ve probably consumed it at some point, if you’ve been to an Indian restaurant.


The thing about turmeric though, is its remarkable healing abilities. Turmeric stops anything from the development of tumors to cancers, and also prevents Alzheimer’s in the long-run.


But you’re not here for that. You’re here because you want to know about the relationship between arthritis and turmeric.


Turmeric and arthritis go together like burgers and buns.

I know it’s a corny subheading, so never mind that. Nevertheless, it was the best metaphor I could come up with to show you how turmeric can help with arthritis.


If you know someone who has arthritis, then you know how horrible it is. It’s, in the words of my neighbor who has it, “a combination of mild paralysis and pain.” It’s almost a gimmick by nature, where your mobility is shot down the drain and you get to retain some of it, in exchange for pain.


Now, nature has an awesome dual nature. If you’ve got a problem, then there’s more than likely a fix to it. And that’s what turmeric is for arthritis. A good fix that can help you get through the sour times of pain.


But I’ll have to elaborate more on what I mean by “fix”…


Turmeric and arthritis inflammatory problems.

Inflammation is painful. It sucks, and it makes moving around all the much harder. Luckily, turmeric helps with soothing inflammatory pain, according to a ton of research done on the spice. So it’s not going to completely heal it. That’s what I meant by “fix.” You’re not going to be an Olympic jock by taking turmeric if you have arthritis.


The other thing with arthritis is that, while it does have healing effects, it excels more at being a preventative to health problems. Preventative means that your body is healthy enough, to fight horrible conditions on its own. When using natural remedies like turmeric, preventative means that you need to ingest it on a constant basis. That stuff has to be a staple in your diet.


Don’t worry, it’s delicious if you know how to use it right. Just get your Indian friend to help you out with the cooking, if you don’t know how to use it.


Awesome! Where do I get it? Do I need a prescription for that?

…No. This is a spice (i.e. you’ll find it in the supermarket). I know that the research makes turmeric look unbelievably good, and it is. But that doesn’t mean there has to be a conspiracy by the FDA and drug companies to take it off the market, right?


Just remember to get them fresh. It’s a spice, so before anything, it’s all about the taste. It’s a natural remedy. You don’t want this to be like the bad tasting chemical medicines you take, right?


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Golden Essence is devoted to keeping you healthy naturally. With our quality turmeric products, we believe we can enrich your life and give you a renewed energy. Turmeric contains many significant phyto-nutrients that are known to have health promoting and demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties.

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