Top Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

By Joseph

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Periodontal Disease

Many times, periodontal disease is going to progress painlessly. It is also going to have very few obvious signs, even in the later stages of the disease. Even though the signs will not always be obviously seen, you are going to see warning signs when you have periodontal disease. There are some symptoms of the disease that are going to point to some form of the dreaded disease that you do not want to get. The symptoms of this gum disease are going to include:

  • Gums that bleed during and after you brush your teeth: it is common for everyone to have some bleeding when they brush their teeth from time to time or when you have not brushed your teeth for some period of time but if your gums are bleeding every time that you brush your teeth, it is likely that you have this disease and you should talk to a dental specialist about your gums.
  • Any gums that are red, swollen and tender.
  • If you have persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth all of the time: it is common for people to have bad breath from time to time but if this is something that you are constantly noticing, you need to talk to a dental specialist about your bad breath problem.
  • Gums that are receding.
  • A formation of deep pockets that are between your teeth and gums.
  • Any teeth that are loose or any teeth that are shifting.
  • Any changes in the way your teeth fit together when you are biting down or in the fit of your partial dentures.

Even if you do not notice any of the above symptoms with your gums, you may still have some degree of the gum disease. In some people, periodontal disease is only going to affect certain teeth. Only a dentist or a periodontist (a dentist that specializes in gum disease) is going to recognize and determine the progression of your gum disease. If you have any of the above symptoms or feel that you have the disease, you should be in contact with your dentist or peridontist as soon as possible. The sooner you are able to talk with your dentist and been seen for the problem, the easier it is going to be to treat the issue you are having. You should not put off your gum disease because it is something that can very well easily be treated.


If you are looking for a periodontal practice that is for sale, there are many choices you are going to be able to find. Most times, periodontal practices are going to stand alone but you may find practices that treat gum disease while being a general dentist. Gum disease should not be ignored. Not only it is painful but it can easily and effectively be treated.

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