How does Acupuncture Treatment in Mumbai work?

Who doesn’t wants to get rid of their pains? Persons who undergo extreme pain spasms on daily basis are the only ones aware about their conditions. Starting each day with intolerable pain can be very disheartening. It is impossible to function effectually with regular pain so it becomes a compulsion to undergo acupuncture treatment in Mumbai if you experience regular pain and you want to get rid of extreme pain.

Although acupuncture doesn’t solve any acute problem individually but sometimes acupuncture help treat chronic disease by creating an impact on overall body of an individual. Acupuncture alters the energy or Qi levels of the whole body in order to accentuate the healing powers of the body. Acupuncture is based on the assumption that energy is distributed in our body through 20 invisible channels known as meridians. These meridians incorporate 2000 acupuncture points on which the acupuncturists insert hair like needles which are later manipulated through various ways for energy regulation. The various ways used for manipulation of needles are:

  • Heat manipulation: the needles are heated to certain levels.
  • Electrical manipulation: a feeble electric current is passed through the needles.
  • Physical manipulation: it is concerned with changing the movements of the needles. The physical manipulation of needle can be done in following ways:

1)                  Lifting and pushing: lifting and pushing the needle again and again. It can be done at both slow and fast paces.

2)                  Twirling: rotating the needle into soft twirls.

3)                  Withdrawal and action: withdrawing the needle and pressing the whole after that.

4)                  Respiration insertion: inserting the needle when the patient respires in.

5)                  Direction of needle insertion: the direction of needle insertion is in accordance to the meridian flow or sometimes against the meridian flow.

6)                  Insertion and retention: the needle is inserted and retained for some time.

Acupuncture is a very old therapy but it came into the notice of people only few years back. People started to notice the effects created by acupuncture and now some people even believe that acupuncture help treat chronic disease. Some people resort to acupuncture for some of the complex problems also. The minimally invasive nature of acupuncture is making acupuncture a famous therapeutic option. Acupuncture triggers formulation of pain controlling cells in our body and it also is responsible for releasing of stress-busting hormones like dopamine which helps people to relax. Acupuncture can treat any kind of musculoskeletal pains effectively. 


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