Need for Acupuncture Doctors in Mumbai

Acupuncture is a traditional method developed by Chinese medical practitioners. The technique involves injecting thin needles through the skin, in specific points of the body. These needles help in stimulating those specific points and manipulate the flow of energy which is known to cure a lot of ailments. Acupuncture doctors in Mumbai proclaim that acupuncture is highly beneficial in regulating the imbalances in energy flow. Acupuncture corrects any kind of imbalances in our body through channels known as meridians. These meridians define the location of insertion of needles.

Earlier acupuncture was not that recognized but when it came into the notice of American citizens, it simultaneously experienced a boom throughout the world. It is known to work wonders when it is used in tandem with western medications. Acupuncture also works towards solving some of the most dominant medical concerns which includes depression too. Depression is becoming a major concern these days. The escalation of the problem can be accorded to the increasing emotional and financial pressures. Because of a huge explosion of depression patients all around the world, acupuncture treatment for depression is gaining much prominence. Researches have suggested time and again that acupuncture creates prompt and positive results and is very effectual in improving the conditions of depression patients.

Acupuncture doctors in Mumbai resort to a varied branch of acupuncture, known as ‘electro acupuncture’ for curing the depression symptoms. This branch of acupuncture became famous after a study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This study established the importance of electro acupuncture. It demarcated electro acupuncture as transmission of mild electric currents diffused in the patient’s body through the needles inserted. The effectiveness of this therapy was found at par with the effects created by fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is one of the most prevalent anti-depressing drug. The results of the study showed that acupuncture was as effective as anti-depressants, plus it created more prompt results as compared to the anti-depressing medications.

Acupuncture treatment for depression triggers the amount of anti-depressing fluids in our body which helps to tackle depression in an effectual way. It also helps to overcome the sexual side effects of anti-depressants. Depression is usually linked to irregular Qi levels i.e. energy levels throughout the body and hence acupuncture by regulating the Qi levels in our body curbs depression in a very efficacious way. So if you ever experience down at times, consider resorting to acupuncture.

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