How to Boost Your Gil Earning Efficiency in FFXIV?

Gil is a currency used in Final Fantasy 14, and if you're a fan of FFXIV as I was when I started, you would like to make as much of it as you can – as fast as possible!

Maybe it's your wish that makes you earn a lot of Gil in FFXIV or maybe you want to buy anything you want that is listed on the market board (of course, they are pretty expensive).

So how to earn Gil in FFXIV?

The best lesson that I can tell you is that it is pretty similar to the real world economics - you have to comprehend the both factors supply and demand. Likewise, a high school economics teacher tells you, if you can supply something that no one else has, you can grab a good price for that. So the motive is to have a lot of an item that no one else is selling on the market board, you will be the only one to sell it – and of course for a better profit that you can't expect.

You have to keep yourself apart by any means... either try to craft rare, high-level arms and armor, or put your time and effort to gather high tier materials that rest of the game lovers can't afford to make out.

Most people that I've had a conversation with agreed that these are among the best ways to making Gil in the game. Although both the ways consume some time – however once you reach to a point where you are supplying goods that others can't obtain, you can sell those items for a whole lot of gil. I've come across certain items that were only as good as armor skins were sold for a good amount – up to fifteen million Gil!

There are in fact, other ways of making gil that aren't as fast as you would want them to. They are particularly useful for those who don't want to mess with difficult things. Making use of the duty finder and playing as a class can help you earn additional gil to add to your account.

Try to avoid spending money on items that don't offer you a profit or that you don't know about how much profit they will get you. Look for methods that you are sure about making you a profit. Search on the Internet and catch the opinions from different users. In short, making Gil in the game is similar to making money in real life – all you need is to be willing to put an effort and work for it.

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