How to Decorate Screened Pool Enclosures

Once you have your pool in a screened enclosure, the next thing you may be concerned with is how you are going to decorate the area. You do not have to put a lot of money into decorating the area but since you are most likely going to be spending a lot of time in the screened pool enclosures, you are going to want to make sure that the area is appealing, relaxing and fun. It is a wise idea to even think about this even before you have the pool enclosure built, so the area is going to be large enough for the different types of furniture you want to put in the area. Screen Solutions can help you with all of the planning of getting your pool into an enclosure but you need to let us know your basic ideas of how you want it set up. You may use your pool for relaxing, exercising or parties, but you want to make sure the design is one that it is going to work for your needs.Since the pool area is enclosed, you can create the area completely different than the rest of your home and yard if that is what you desire.


Choosing a Theme

Once you are ready to decorate the area, the first thing you need to do is to choose a theme. You do not want to use a bunch of random decorations and materials. The best thing to do is to choose a theme for the pool area and keep with the same theme throughout your design. Some themes you may want to think about may include Mediterranean, Caribbean, Hawaiian, retro, or simply just anything that you like. You can also just make the pool theme area a continuation from the rest of your home. You should choose a theme that you find beautiful, relaxing, fun and one everyone is going to enjoy. Stepping into screened pool enclosures can be like stepping into another world and you should try to make it as special as possible.


Creating a Place

If you have decided to create a place (Hawaiian, Mediterranean or Caribbean theme), you should use different materials and furniture in the pool enclosure to completely recreate the place you select. You want to use different building materials, architecture, colors and accessories to go along with the place you want to recreate. If you want to create a Hawaiian theme, you could use sandy or green flooring, blue accent tiles on the walls, plant palm trees and have some Hawaiian skirts attached to tables and chairs. You want to make the area is fun but one that is going to be something you want to keep. You should make sure to select furniture, lighting fixtures and shade fixtures that suit the theme you have decided upon.


Creating a Style

When you are decorating with a style, it is going to give you more flexibility with the different materials and design you can use. You can look in books or online for pictures of different styles you like. The style you may like may be in the same color scheme as the rest of your home, you may like to use a variety of colors or you may want to go with a retro style. Use a style that you like and one that is going to work with your area.


Coordinating With Your Home

You may want to create a sense of cohesion between your house and your screened pool enclosures. If this is something you are interested in with the pool area, you can just extend the style of your inside of your home to the pool area. You can give the pool area a little extra flair by simply using brighter shades of the same colors you already are using inside your home.



Decorating screened pool enclosures can be fun and one you want to think about before you just decide to throw different pieces of furniture around the area. Screen Solutions can help you with all of the planning when building the screen enclosure so you know all of your furniture is going to fit in the area. You just need to remember that you want to make your area fun, relaxing and appealing to all who is going to use the area for years to come.


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