Too Hot or Too Cold? 5 Home Repairs That Are Best to Do When Temperatures Are Mild

Too Hot or Too Cold? 5 Home Repairs That Are Best to Do When Temperatures Are Mild

Homeownership and home maintenance go hand in hand. The thing is, not all types of maintenance can be done at the same time. You can find home maintenance and renovation projects for every season, but there are some types of repairs and renovations that are best done during seasons when the temperature is mild. This can be for any of several reasons, such as preparing for more extreme weather and temperatures or simply taking advantage of comfortable temperatures to do some work outdoors. Below are five home repairs you should do when it's still mild outside.

Clean Your Gutters

Before the first frost, you should clear out your gutters. This is particularly important if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or freezing rain. Clogged gutters prevent proper drainage, which can lead to the gutters sagging and or breaking. This will cause water to collect in and around the foundation of your home, which could damage your foundation and cause further structural damage. 

Clogged gutters could even cause leaks inside your home. This happens when ice dams form on your roof, and pooling water finds holes and vulnerabilities in your roof to leak through. If these leaks are not caught quickly, they could cause a lot of water damage. Remove all debris, such as leaves, dirt, twigs, and tree limbs from your gutters and make sure that all the joints of your gutters are secure and flush with the exterior.

Inspect the Foundation

Prior to sub-zero temps, you also need to inspect the foundation of your home. Cracks in the foundation can lead to structural damage, shifting of floorboards, and mold growth. If you do find any cracks, sealing them now will prevent a slew of costly repairs later. You can find user-friendly sealant kits at your local hardware store.

AC Maintenance

In the fall, you should also tend to any air conditioning repairs you know need done. During the summer, unless your AC stopped working completely, you might have put off repairing that leak or finding out why your HVAC is so noisy. However, once milder temperatures set in, you should get your AC checked out. Not only are air conditioning repairs usually less expensive during the off-season, but you also have a chance to pinpoint any minor issues early and get repairs done prior to the summer.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You don’t need to do much for your lawn during winter, but it will be healthier in the spring if you make some preparations before winter. You should take advantage of milder weather and get your lawn ready for the winter. Because most types of grass roots remain active during the winter, now's the time to give your lawn a nutritional boost with proper fertilization. You should also aerate your lawn to overcome the compaction it might have experienced during the warmer weather. Removing yard debris will also help keep your grass health through the winter.

Window Replacement

Aside from leaving them open while the heat is running, nothing inflates your electric bill like improperly sealed windows. Take inventory of your windows and seal any leaks you find. If your windows are too old, you might even want to replace them. If that's the case, it's best to do so when you're not running the heat.

When it comes to home repairs and maintenance, you need to tackle the ones that can't wait until next season. However, don't forget that some types of repairs are better left until the seasons change and you are able to acquire the proper supplies and also not put you or your home's integrity at risk.


Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can find her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.
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