Why Soy Candles Are Better Corporate Gifts than Normal Candles?

Instead of paraffin and wax candles, buying soy candles is the latest trend. They are sophisticated, and buyers have plenty of reasons to choose them. In case if you have never tried soy candles, then here are some of the reasons to choose them. So, get ready to make your special events more attractive as well as exceptional with soy candles.

Soy Candles are Natural

While paraffin candles are made of petroleum oil, soy candles are natural as they are made from vegetable oil. From this fact, it can be said that soy candles are environment friendly in comparison with petroleum based paraffin candles. Furthermore, soy candles have natural fragrances, and they do not need chemicals for having fragrances like traditional candles. Different types of soy candles are found the marketplace. Not all types of soy candles are natural. Some of them are blended with beeswax or other kinds of wax. 100% pure soy made special event candles are also available in the marketplace. The 100% natural soy candles are generally called “all natural” soy candle.

They Burn 50% Longer

Soy candles burn 50% longer than the traditional candles. Soy candles are generally expensive, but as they burn longer they can be regarded as cost-effective. So, if you calculate keeping long term aspects in mind, you will definitely find soy candles are better than paraffin mad candles. Nevertheless, soy candles burn evenly, leaving no excess wax influx on the sides of jars. So, your candle holding jar or stand remains neat as well as clean.

Scent That Lasts Longer

Chemical scents do not last longer. As the paraffin candle keeps burning, the scent gradually decreases. In fact, you shall notice that the fragrance is totally gone even the candle is burning. On the other hand, soy candles offer longer duration of fragrances. As they keep burning, fragrance remains intact. This happens because natural scents and essential oils have been used for preparing soy candles. The fragrance of soy candle is more addictive and attractive.

Non-Toxic Candles

Another big reason for the growing popularity of soy candle is that they are completely non-toxic. Soy candles are made of vegetable oil, and they have lower melting points than traditional candles. On the other hand, paraffin candles release carcinogen in the air. This is a harmful element that causes high toxicity in human and animal bodies. Thus, for health as well as safety, soy candles are gaining popularity among the buyers.

Soy Candles as Gifts

Having so many benefits in offering, soy candles are undoubtedly best gift items to please nearest or dearest ones. Businesses or brands impress their customers or clients more or often with free giveaway stuffs or gifts. In such cases soy candles can be considered as excellent gifts. With private label candles, you can add your brand name and customized message for the customers. For business branding, these white label soy candles are excellent options. They help to gain higher brand exposure and broader business recognition. So, use this excellent opportunity to give your business a better brand identity.

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