Motor Lubrication: A Fundamental Safeguard To Drive Your Machinery Parts!

Today, lubricants are playing a role as a lifeline of machineries in the field of motor industries, automotive, aviation and marine etc. When it comes to machinery what is the most important part of your engine? Yes, it is motor oil and to maintain the engine in race, proper lubrication is acquired. If you really know, what a lubrication process actually involves, why it is important to do, and why there is a need to take care of your machinery through lubrication? It actually maximizes the life and efficiency of your machinery in a long run.

In this particular post we are going to reveal what are the different perspectives of lubricating a motor machine – what keeps it going and what happens if lubrication is not meant to be done, how it works. So let's get started!

Types of Lubrication

There are four basic types of lubrication depending upon the nature of motion between moving surfaces. They are:

  • Extreme pressure lubrication
  • Boundary lubrication or thin film lubrication
  • Hydrostatic lubrication
  • Hydrodynamic lubrication or thick film lubrication

The purpose of lubrication is to avoid the accumulation of rolling elements on the surface of motor or engine. The lubricant is necessary to be composed of proper additives with proper viscosity. The speed and load carried by the bearings determine by the lubrication process. Grease and oil are the most common lubricants. Choose the proper lubricant for your application.

How lubrication helps to increase the life of motor?

- It transfers heat with liquid versions, which involves the movement of liquid from a cooler part normally then engine allows it to transfer heat to cooler and keep it away from excessive heat to perform an efficient operation.

- It keep moving the parts separately as it provides a barrier between separate moving parts.

- It prevent corrosion with the use of additives, additives form a chemical bond with the surface of moving parts to avoid rust and corrosion.

- It reduces friction which also reduces heat generated.

- It acts as seal for gases.

- It transmits power to increase the performance.

The whole lubrication process has become mandatory for smooth and running operations of different types of machine equipments that are part of our daily lives. Motor Lubrication is definitely a beneficial aspect in a trouble-free functioning of machinery and increase the life, power and efficiency of the motor. The engine manufacturers and engineers have worked and still working to keep lubricants continually improving to raise motor's performance and hoping for advancement in this stream to keep all moving parts in motion!

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