Washington House Design – Explore Some Eco-Friendly Designing Ideas

By Walter Adams
An eco-friendly house is something that easily catches attention of a large number of people who are looking to build a dream home. Such designs are not only safe to live in, they in fact also can save your lots of money.

In order to help you, this article is going to explain some widely accepted eco-friendly Washington house design.

Location – When it comes to location, it is something that needs to be prioritized. After all, a good location can make overall appearance of your living place wonderful. So, you need to make a careful selection of location. At the same time, you must also avoid designing your house in a completely shady landscape that tends to protect your house from accessing direct sunlight.     

Doors and windows – The door mainly offers light and also lets warm air escape thus leaving your entire house smelling fresh and healthier. You must also go for a large front door without windows. According to rule of thumb, the door must be designed from eco-friendly wood or any other material. As far as windows are concerned, you need to go for energy star-rated windows that are certainly perfect for your climate zone. You must install the windows an angle letting maximum light enter to the living place.      

Insulation – It plays a leading role in preventing heat air from escaping the living place thus you don’t need to heat your house. For perfect results, you need to hire an experienced professional contractor to make a proper installation of insulation.     

Roofing – There are several roofing materials that you can use, but only a couple of them tend to make your house eco-friendly. You must install some roofing materials manufactured from recycled resources. Aluminium metal can be your best option. The most important thing with such materials is that it is completely heat resistant and also reusable. So, another option that you can actually go with is none other than bamboo roofing. In addition to being renewable, it is highly sustainable.        

Solar panel – Solar energy is generally renewable, clean and affordable thus saving your hard-earned money over the long run. You can definitely use solar energy in completely different areas that include lighting and water heating. Besides, you must also note the thing that solar panels generally work perfect at different geographical locations so you must research and also find some perfect panels to use in your area.  

Concluding the above facts, there are several important ways of designing an eco-friendly house. In addition to such tips, you should also use eco-friendly lighting.
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