Why should you apply for an International Driver’s License?

By Nova

Are you planning to travel overseas? Then an international driving license could be useful to you. For an overseas vacation or business trip, getting an IDL could be beneficial. International license for driving and International Driving Permit are a supplement for driving license and not a replacement. Thus, it is important that you also carry your original driving license each time you drive a vehicle.


International driver’s license is beneficial when one is travelling another country with an official language that has not been included in the driving permit. It makes sense to carry one even if you would just be a passenger. It can also be used as an identification card in the country where English is not the official language. While this is not a travel necessity, getting one offers several advantages.


There are several companies that offer this service, so make sure you choose a reputable company. You don’t need to give a driving test again, but you need to have your original driver’s license to get the international license. One can apply for international driving license online and get the document at home without any trouble.


Below are some tips that can help you in international driving:


Once you get an International Driving Permit and International Driver’s License, you would be allowed to drive in the countries where these documents are accepted. One must however read and get well versed about traffic rules in the other country.


-          Before you leave for your trip, find out about the driving rules and regulations. There may be various differences in rules that one must get acquainted with before leaving for the trip.

-          The legal age of driving may be different in the country you plan to visit. Thus, ensure you check the minimum and maximum age of driving in that country.

-          There are some countries that need special permit for driving on highways instead of tolls. Driving on such highways without permit may lead to fine. So make sure you check about this too.

-          In certain countries you are required to flash lights or use horn before overtaking another vehicle, so make sure you check about this as well.

-          When you rent a car overseas, ensure you have insurance. This can save one in case of legal and financial difficulties. So make sure you purchase a policy to deal with this.

-          In certain countries, you would be driving on opposite side of the road. This may be confusing initially. So make sure you practice it on a less populated road before you read to a populated road. Once you’re confident, you can start driving in high traffic areas.

-          At all times, you must carry with you, your original driving license, International Driver’s license and the International Driving Permit.


Who can get an International Driver’s License?

International Driver’s License isn’t a replacement for official driving license. It is only a translation of the valid driving license. Only people who have a valid license can get this international license.


So get international driving license and permit and have a comfortable travel experience in another country. Avoid spending large amounts of a taxi and go for car rental options in another country.

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