Tips for Males to Get your Office Dressing Right

Tips for Males to Get your Office Dressing Right

Ariz and Feroze graduated with a reputable degree from a prestigious educational organization in the country. They share equal dedication and passion for their work. Feroze gets attention more than Ariz. Feroze receives more projects for meeting international clients because of one thing. The dressing distinguishes them. Yes, Feroze has maintained a balance in his dressing. 

Dress code matters for men and women to maintain a professional image in their professional dealings. If you keep your dress code up-to-date, the employees will have a good first impression. You can appear non-serious about your work if you dress improperly. You can neither go to your office wearing your wedding dress nor can select your pajamas for going to your office. Follow these valuable tips to make your office attire professional and elegant. 

  • You cannot be too formal or informal at your workplace as the best dress choice is somewhere in between. 
  • Always do sophisticated dressing while going to your office to keep professionalism through proper clothing. Look sharp but relax by keeping your dress code sophisticated and decent. Be modest in your dressing.
  • Wear collared button-ups shirts in conservative colours like blue, burgundy, and grey. You need to select checks, stripes, or other patterns to look comfortable and elegant. Comfort needs to be your priority to trump fashion in the choices we made. 
  • You should never wear casual pants or jeans without the permission of your human resource department. If your organization allows you to wear jeans, go for a dark-wash, straight-cut, and decent denim jeans design.
  • Select dots, stripes, and checks patterns ties in elegant colours. Avoid wearing novelty ties as all the colours are acceptable. 
  • In chill and cold weather, you need to wear pullovers and sweaters. They can choose strips and other patterned sweaters to appear modest and elegant. In summers, wear pressed black dress pants or khakis to feel professional as well as elegant in your appearance and attire. 
  • Never ignore your shoes as they will complete your dressing. Oxfords, loafers, and other comfortable shoes must be part of your attire. It can be of any decent color like black, brown, navy, or grey. They must be appropriate with your dress code as you cannot wear sneakers to look professional and elegant. 
  • Men accessories like your leather-band watch or other decent and elegant watches. Watches, studs, and ties actually part of accessories. They should not dominate your dressing, but you need to make them part of your personality. 
  • Your hairstyle needs proper attention as a messy hairstyle will leave a bad impression on your personality. Offer more leeway hairstyles to look more elegant and attractive. Avoid ponytails or longhairs at your professional workplace
  • Trim your nails as they must look neat and clean. It will add to your personality.
  • Tattoos can destroy your dress code, so wear pants that cover tattoos and use accessories covering small tattoos at your wrist. Maybe your HR has no issue with tattoos, but it does not fall under the category of modesty and decency. 

You spent your entire day at your office, so your dressing must be very appropriate and decent according to the workplace environment. The dress code explains your personality and habits. If you stay dressed throughout your day, it reflects your self-discipline. In case you are messy, you cannot appear professional in your behaviour. Decency and elegance link with the dress code, so never ignore it. Even you are intelligent, educated, passionate, and dedicated like Akiz, you will get missed by your professionals. The sole reason is your appearance and dressing. 


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