Top 19 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save It for PC and Mac Users

Top 19 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save It for PC and Mac Users

While there is a heap of programming that can assist you with speeding up, you likewise should be fully informed regarding the best keyboard shortcuts to build your efficiency. You must presumably know a couple of them, however, there are a lot more others that can substitute the snaps you make with your mouse the entire day.

Here are 19 Keyboard Shortcuts to save it for PC and Mac Users.

1.      To Switch Applications

To switch applications on PC press Ctrl + Alt + Tab and On Mac, you only press Ctrl + Tab, Alt + tab or Command + Tab. It shows you all the apps that are running on your device.

2.      Program Management and troubleshooting


Use Ctrl + Shift + Escape on PC to access Troubleshooting. For Mac, use Command + Option + Escape. An application chief will open where you can compel quit or stop any not working.

3.      To Quickly Search

To hunt for something quick, press Ctrl + F which will open a small search box on your display.

4.      To Open a New Window


Pressing the keys Ctrl + N will open another window to proceed with a new search.

5.      To Undo an action


Sometimes we might do small errors or mistakes. This is where the common shortcut Ctrl + Z comes in very handy to save the spot.

6.      Location Bar


The shortcut Ctrl + L places the cursor at the Location bar to type another web address.

7.      To print a page


Press Ctrl + P to open the print options box. This keyboard shortcut will instantly give access to print the current page.

8.      To Save

Ctrl + S will save the opened webpage, word, notepad or any other file you’re working on.

9.      To Close

Ctrl + W will close the current window which is displayed. 

10.      To Select All


To select the words or files of the page on the display, press Ctrl + A.

11.      To Cut


Ctrl + X will help you cut a file or word to either paste somewhere or remove it from that place.

12.      To paste


Ctrl + V will paste the copied or cut word/file at the required place.

13.       To Copy

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert key will copy the file/word to paste at the necessary place

14.    To Refresh a Page


The F5 Key will refresh your screen or webpage on being pressed.

15.    To Bookmark a webpage

 Ctrl + D key will bookmark the webpage to save it for future uses.

16.    To Reopen a Tab

 When there were a lot of tabs that were open and the recent one was closed, you can press Ctrl + Shift + T to open the last closed tab.

17.    To Close Applications/Laptop

Sometimes applications might lag or show errors. To immediately shut them down through task manager or to shut down your PC, Ctrl + Alt + Delete will aid. It will take to a page with various options.


18.    To Open a New Tab

We saw the key to open a new window, to open a new tab Ctrl + T is the shortcut.

19. To Close an application


Yes, the task manager is used to shut apps/pc but Alt + F4 is the instant key to close a current application in a rush.


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