Daycare Business Plan

A playgroup or after-school care all are examples of a daycare center. Are you going to start your childcare? Then a business plan can help you with this venture. A strong daycare business plan is indispensable because a good business plan maps out whether and how childcare is profitable and because a business plan is needed to receive funding.

A business plan describes different aspects of your daycare

A business plan identifies various important aspects of your childcare. In this way, you are forced to think very carefully about the organization and who you are as an entrepreneur. Making a business plan ensures that you also have a plan to fall back on in the future. Why were certain choices made? How was that again with the competition? The business plan is the guideline for your childcare.

The internal organization of your childcare in a business plan

A complete business plan includes a description of your daycare center. Firstly, in a business plan ,it becomes clear which legal form the childcare will take and which permits are required for this. Thanks to the childcare business plan, you will not miss anything. In addition, you also lay down the structure of your childcare in the business plan for your daycare center, taking so-called unique selling points into account  The question then is: what makes your daycare center unique?

How does the product differ from other products in the sector?

Do you offer certain services at your daycare center that other daycare centers do not offer?

How are the prices of products and services determined and how is this pricing attractive when compared to competition?

A good childcare business plan contains an external analysis

As the daycare internal structures set out in a business plan, a business plan also contains a description of thur daycare external environmentHere too, the need for a business plan becomes clear. A well thought-out childcare business plan takes the competition into account, taking various points from the internal analysis into account. In addition, marketing and promotion in the nursery business plan is also examined.

Do not forget to mention the trends

When starting a daycare center it is important to be well informed about the latest trends and developments. Describe in the business plan how you, as an entrepreneur, respond to these trends. Important trends in childcare that we now see a lot are, for example:

The demand for integrated child centers - places where care and education are brought together - is increasing because the number of dual earners is increasing and parents do not want to collect their children from two different places.

More and more day care centers have a sustainable and green policy. Consider enough space to play and exercise outside, but also to separate sustainable toys and waste.

To stay ahead of the competition, daycare centers will also have to keep up with the latest innovations. Think, for example, of serious gaming - where children learn through play - or other technological innovations.

We help you with a strong business plan for your childcare

As the owner of a daycare center, you are the expert of the business. This does not automatically mean that you can always put things clearly in a business plan. Do you need help writing a childcare business plan ? We have already helped many entrepreneurs with a successful business plan. We are happy to help you with this. Whether you want to create a complete nursery business plan or have parts of your business plan checked, our specialists provide professional support.

We have previously written a business plan for a nursery that financing is obtained, read here more about this project.


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