Ayurveda Expert Successfully Treating Numerous Patients Even During This Pandemic?

Almost One Year of Pandemic is completed; here is how it affected the medical services of the Country.

Pandemic is a word, which was not even known to most of the general public, but suddenly became an inseparable part of life from nowhere. Everything was going fine, or say, everything was moving and stop, a virus entered the humans. Then, nothing moved but only the Virus. People were not aware what was happening. Everyone was trying to receive a news that would say it was a myth or a humanly act. But, no this time it was more serious. It did not just spread, but due to the unknown cause and unexpected entry, initially it was not just a viral infection, but an outbreak which took off numerous lives, no one could exactly count. Records were kept only of those, who were known by the hospitals and people around.

So, it was all happening, and now the real heroes of the society were only those involved in medical profession. Everything and everyone started to be covered under Lockdown rules and when a gradual lockdown didn’t work. The whole world suddenly got shut down. A large number of medical professionals started to stay in their hospitals with all the sources and facilities they had, tried to help people with their best but as there was no treatment and people were dieing even before showing the symptoms.

This all situation was screwing up the minds of the people, initially people were tensed about their jobs and businesses but after the situation worsened, the only value was of life. Society started to learn and to live with all they had and worshipping to Lord to end it all soon. Then, at times, the medical authorities passed some rules regarding the dietary habits and lifestyle recommendations to be followed by people.

When it is Ayurveda and its principles, the most basic principle you will find is to Take Care of You Diet, Lifestyle, Strong Immunity and Prevention of the Disease

Why was this important?

Those diet and lifestyle advices were important as it was found that the virus had more effect on people with weak immunity. And, boosting immunity is the actual task of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, as the disease didn’t have the treatment so people valued the Prevention. Thus, WHO provided some advices regarding consumption of fresh prepared foods, fruits, vegetables and all others that could help to enhance immunity. Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) also tried to come forward and recommended to include some most common but most effective herbs in daily diet for strengthening immunity. These steps, at least helped people to stop panicking and finding time for themselves and their health.

AYURVEDA considered the Best but was a Silent Savior

Have you found something in all the above content? Some words, Healthy Diet, Balanced Lifestyle, Prevention of Disease, Strong Immunity, etc. All these words are the most basic part of Ayurvedic way of Life. When it is Ayurveda and its principles, the most basic principle you will find is to Take Care of You Diet, Lifestyle, Strong Immunity and Prevention of the Disease. That’s all was happening all around, but Ayurveda couldn’t come forward with its name. Herbs and Herbal Decoctions which were being recommended by the Allopathic Doctors such as Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Turmeric (Curcumin), Tulsi (Basil Leaves), Cinnamon (Daalchini), etc. These all are not a part of the modern medicine but the Ayurvedic.

People were adopting Ayurveda in diet, lifestyle as well medicine, but it was not allowed to take its name. But, as it is said the silent service is the Best. Same applied to the Ayurvedic Doctors during the period. The Best Ayurvedic Expert, Dr. Vikram Chauhan, (MD-Ayurveda), who is a globally renowned Ayurveda practitioner and enjoys an honorable fan following all around the Globe, also didn’t stop. Only thing that stopped him serving his patients, during that time was the discontinuation of the services. But, still as Ayurveda is the way of life, the best of the herbal medicines can be found in our kitchens when you are under the guidance of an Expert.   

So, Dr. Vikram Chauhan started to find way to help his existing patients and fulfill his responsibilities towards the health of the society. He stayed among people through his YouTube videos, website information and other social channels. Videos, content and presentations were being uploaded time to time to request people for not panicking but to stay safe. Slowly, the technology started to be the most helpful path. The patients who were continuously asking for his appointments even during that time, but due to the lockdown norms, he needed to stop his physical consultations. Then, came the various sources such as Applications for conducting meetings, seminars and interviews online, many applications came and helped but a special thanks to WatsApp which is a part of people’s life as the daily regimen.

How WatsApp became the strongest support in Service?

Earlier, Dr. Vikram Chauhan was using the technology to serve people with his immense knowledge but nobody knew at that time that it will be the most important portal one day. Now, the use of WatsApp increased, from only chats and voice calls to video call consultation that also not only with Dr. Vikram Chauhan but he allowed numerous other Ayurvedic Physicians to help people. After a proper setup, the video consultations started. People got some relax after knowing about it and started booking consultations with their most favorite and experienced Ayurveda expert, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. In the earlier stage, it was a big concern for Dr. Vikram Chauhan, as the Lockdown hampered the physical services due to which the patients who need to continue the herbal medicines from Planet Ayurveda, started to face difficulty. As no one was known to it, and the stock of medicines with the authorized distributors also ended.

On the one side, where the prices of normal Allopathic medicines started to get a hike as the demand was increasing at a rapid rate, for Planet Ayurveda, the only concern was to reach its people again with the medicines. Price hike was never a part of our system. Even, discounts were provided so that people can buy more medicines with fewer resources.

Nothing can stop those who are Habitual of Unconditional Serving

There is a very beautiful saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Finally, after conducting some seminars for the patients with the most common disease i.e., UC & ITP under his expertise, the video consultations of Dr. Vikram Chauhan started to be the main service. Patients were happy to have their favorite Doctor among them. People say “The correct Diagnose and a Good behavior of Doctor is the half treatment”. Dr. Vikram Chauhan proves it. Patients follow him not only because of his expertise in herbs and Ayurveda but above that his experience and positive behavior towards life.

Once you will land on the YouTube channel of Dr. Vikram Chauhan, which is full of the real testimonials of the treated and ongoing patients, you will never doubt him. And, for more surety, just visit his clinic located at JLPL Industrial Area, Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab (Tricity - Chandigarh), Near International Airport Mohali.   

People suffering from severe and chronic diseases like Ulcerative Colitis, ITP, Nephrotic Syndrome, Ascites, Scleroderma, Liver Failure, Fatty Liver, Liver Psoriasis, Kidney Failure, Heart Disorders, etc. the list will go on. They were not frightened of getting affected with the virus, but their existing disease and the panic was making them weak. While visiting Dr. Vikram Chauhan in his clinic, they were also being positive about their treatment, but now the thing that scared them the most is non-availability of the herbal medicines that especially from Planet Ayurveda.

Finally, after getting in touch with Dr. Vikram Chauhan and seeing him on video consultations their panic reduced and the belief enhanced again. The patients were feeling half treated just after contacting Dr. Vikram Chauhan, the only difference was that screen between them. As, for a perfect Ayurvedic practitioner, what matters is not the physical appearance of the patient but just a look at him and his test reports is enough. Although, the only purpose of video consultation was to provide more personalized consultation to the patients, but it went much better and even going on. Patients shared their views that they can get the same treatment through other sources of service also, including WatsApp Chats, e-mails, and tele-calling, but the demand for video consultation is to listen to Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his positive views.

The evidences for the entire descriptions above are available everywhere and you can have their glimpse easily here on the official YouTube channel of Planet Ayurveda Besides, his professional services he also found ways to help people in need around him and received blessings.

At last but not the least, we want to inform you that you may not believe the sayings and words, but will surely love to try everything yourself and experience the Beauty of Ayurveda.

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