5 Great Benefits Associated With Pipe Lining

A lot of homeowners come across a plumbing situation in which they require pipe lining, but they don’t know exactly what this means. Although every homeowner understands the gravity of having damaged pipes and needing to fix them as soon as possible, there’s no doubt about it that pipe lining is a very intricate, state-of-the-art plumbing procedure that confuses a lot of people. 

Traditional pipe repairs used to be TERRIBLE, and this is because it typically would entail a ton of digging in your yard and destroying driveways and concrete in order to physically get to your underground pipes. But today with pipe lining, you can get pipe repairs without digging trenches, and we understand that this is something that excites every property owner in terms of not putting off these types of necessary repairs.

So here are 5 benefits that you should know about when it comes to pipe lining:


1.    It’s Exponentially Less Intrusive As Compared To Traditional Pipe Repairs

This is one of the first and foremost benefits of pipe lining, because people hate it when fixing their pipes means destroying their property. In the past plumbing teams and digging crews would work together to dig these extremely intricate trenches in people’s gardens, pathways, lawns and really all over a property.

This of course would end up costing homeowners a lot more because they’d have to pay for the time and labor to dig and then cover up the holes that the crew created, which is why trenchless pipe repairs and pipe lining truly are a win-win situation for everyone!


2.    Stops Pesky Leaks And Helps Prevent Tree Root Infiltration Within Your Piping System

What’s so great about pipe lining is that the procedure will seal a pipe very comprehensively and thoroughly, so you’ll never have to worry about future issues like pipe leaks, tree root infiltration and all other types of intrusions within your piping system.

Pipe lining utilizes an extremely strong epoxy liner that lasts an extremely long time and is much stronger and seamless than other types of pipe repair solutions. The pipe lining solution undoubtedly is permanent, and it’ll perfectly cover any cracks or gaps that exist within your pipes.


3.    Pipe Lining Is Very Cost-Effective

Pipe lining and all types of trenchless pipe repairs are very cost-effective, especially when you consider the digging alternative! You won’t have to pay for any construction equipment and digging labor/time when you undergo pipe lining, and this lack of property disruption ends up saving property owners a ton of money!

So when it comes to pipe repairs, you really can’t get a cheaper, more effective option than pipe lining!


4.    Durability And Reliability

There’s absolutely no denying the overall durability and long-lasting effect that pipe lining has on a home’s piping system. Most plumbing teams will provide around 50-year warranties on this type of work, so you can be rest assured that it’s going to last and you won’t probably ever have to worry about it ever again!

Pipe lining is a really great investment for homeowners because it’s a process that helps them fix serious issues, and at the same time it helps them increase their property value.


5.    Flow Capacity Increases

There are many different types of pipes out there that end up building up all types of calcified deposits within them, so what’s great about pipe lining is that the epoxy liner will provide a smoother surface to your pipes that then eliminates this type of buildup issue.

When your pipes are smoother and have fewer obstructions, you’ll subsequently reap the benefits of having a more efficient plumbing system with a better flow capacity.


Contact The Experts At Beehive Plumbing To Learn More About Pipe Lining

The Beehive Plumbing team is located in Northern Utah, and they’re pioneers within pipe lining. Their team is one of the best in the entire country when it comes to utilizing this type of cutting-edge plumbing technology. 

So if you have any further questions about pipe lining, feel free to reach out to the experts via the link at the top of the page!

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