The generation of potential customers is extremely important for marketers and the business they want to develop. Increasing potential customers means increasing brand awareness and interest in your products or services, and cultivating curious prospects through marketing channels and sales channels. If done well, the lead generation strategy can build strong relationships with qualified customers who have invested in your business for a long time.

Sometimes you may ask yourself: "How do we increase the generation of potential customers?" This article breaks down an efficient lead generation strategy, so you can optimize your work to attract and convert qualified potential customers. You will also get 12 reliable lead generation ideas and examples to help guide you.

What Is The Lead Generation Strategy?

The potential customer generation strategy includes the strategy of attracting potential customers and turning them into potential customers. Potential customers are people who have shown interest in your brand by taking certain measures. They have shared their contact details or hinted that they might want to do business with you.

Both B2C and B2B lead generation strategies include four parts.

  • Potential customer capture: A method of collecting information on potential customers. The information may include the name and contact information of potential customers, as well as relevant qualification details about them or their organization (for example, company name, position, number of employees).
  • Leading magnet: Motivating potential customers to become leaders.
  • Potential customer qualification: The process of using the information of potential customers to determine their likelihood of purchase.
  • Potential customer segmentation: The process of segmenting potential customers based on their information, habits, and activities (for example, job title, potential customers who attract them, the pages they visit on your website).

Here are 12 reliable lead generation strategies that can be used to support each of these components. We also provide real-life lead generation examples to illustrate how to use these strategies.

12 Lead Generation Strategies

1.     Create Gated Content

The gated content is online material and can only be accessed after the user fills in the form. Unlike normal blog posts or landing pages, the content is "locked." Viewers must fill out the lead capture form to access the content. This is an effective lead generation strategy because it can provide the audience with something valuable for free, while attracting high-quality potential customers who are interested in your brand or product-related topics.

2.     Create A Valuable Newsletter

Another way to use content as a leader is to create a must-read press release. Create a valuable newsletter every month or every week to encourage interested potential customers to establish and keep in touch with your brand. In this way, you can keep in touch with your customers and share promotional information about products and services, thereby enabling potential customers to further reduce their purchase channels.

3.     Hold An Event

The lead generation strategy can happen online or offline. Hold on-site or online events to attract and serve your target market, and at the same time obtain their contact information through event registration. In addition, use live events as opportunities to connect with customers in real time so that you can answer questions, respond to objections, understand your audience and actively guide potential customers through sales channels.

4.     Offer Coupons Or Discounts

Convert potential customers interested in your products and services by offering coupons or discounts as your potential customers. This attracts valuable long-term and short-term potential customers. In the long run, you have attracted some people who are interested in buying products from your brand. In the short term, you can quickly convert sales leads into buyers, because coupons serve potential customers at the bottom of the channel who are ready to buy.

5.     Provide Free Value-Added Products Or Free Trials

Provide free trial versions or free value-added products to attract potential customers from interested and qualified potential customers. Free trials and freemium products attract qualified and interested potential customers who are not ready to purchase. They also allow your brand to promote free users by mocking paid features and offering drip email campaigns to convert paying users into paying customers, which can promote the advantages of upgrading accounts.

6.     Use Live Chat On Your Website

Live chat will prompt visitors to ask questions about products or services when they visit your website. It can be used as one of your lead generation strategies by asking users to provide their contact information to submit questions or by promoting other similar demo lead magnets. When customers have questions, they want answers quickly. Live chat allows you to provide the instant information that potential customers want, while collecting valuable data for potential customer development activities.

7.     Optimize Your Website To Promote Your Lead Magnet

To generate more leads, make sure that website visitors can easily find your lead magnet. Design live channels to segment your audience and attract them to the leaders who are most likely to arouse their needs and interest. Do this by promoting lead magnets around your site.

8.     Optimize Your Social Profile To Increase Your Attractiveness

When you have a valuable lead magnet, make sure your social followers understand it. Highlight it on your social profile so that when users interact with you, they will see your offer and the next step for working with you. Promote your lead magnet in the hero image on your profile page. Also, take advantage of the call-to-action button by adding a link to the protagonist instead of drawing users to your homepage.

9.     Pay To Promote Lead Magnets On Social Media

Use paid social advertising as one of the lead generation strategies. Use the targeting options of Facebook and Instagram to show ads to users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. The targeting options for paid social ads are very powerful. You can target people at the macro level (using demographic segmentation) or at the micro level (using behavioral and psychological classification), so you can connect with very specific audiences.

10.  Target Keywords At The Top Of The Funnel

In order to attract interested potential customers and bring them to your lead magnet, make a plan for the terms they are searching for. Conduct keyword research to find keywords that ideal potential customers are looking for at the top of the buying funnel. Then, target these keywords in a variety of ways.

11.  Retarget The People Who Interact With Your Brand

If potential customers do not convert in their first interaction with your brand, then your opportunity will not be lost. Use retargeting to re-engage audiences who interacted with your brand but failed to take the next step. By retargeting, you can show ads (via Google display ads or social ads) to users who interact with your brand’s website or social pages. Since customers may need to look at your brand several times before switching, retargeting is a strategic way to continue to guide customers through the buying process.

12.  Create A Referral Reward System

One of the best lead generation methods and strategies is to let your customers work for you. Create a referral reward system in which customers bring leads to you in exchange for benefits or discounts. Customers value and trust their friends’ suggestions, so encouraging existing customers to promote your brand can be a powerful way to fill the channel of potential customers.

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