How Plain Tablecloth Can Add Spark to Your Dining Table

Dining Linens were a status symbol in wealthy households during the Renaissance and Medieval periods. The use of table linens became famous in the working class during the 15th century and plain white or caramel linen fabric began getting used to cover the tables in their homes. Today table linens are used from formal occasions such as family dinners, weddings, holidays, birthdays and tea parties. From casual to formal, whatever is the occasion a table linen can surely add glamour to it.

While purchasing linen for your home, followings criteria should be pondered upon:


Table linens are made of either cotton or linen or satin. Cotton has generally long fibers that make the linen smooth and durable. Both fabrics are absorbent, stain resistant and are machine washable. Other table linens may be made of silk, organza, polyester mixes. They come in various colors or designs and provide variety.


A properly arranged tablecloth for a formal event can go to the floor, but cannot touch the floor and should hang at least few inches evenly around the table. For Casual arrangements a 6 to 8 inch drop around the edge of the table is sufficient. The shape of the table should always go with the shape of the cloth so a round table should have circular linen. Layering is a very famous practice which can be attained by laying longer colored linen on the table with a shorter one of different color on top surface. Skirts add grace and can be easily rented from local tent services. You can also mix and match different types of table mats and corsets on your linen to give them an alluring appearance that will surely add elegance to your room interiors.

Color and Pattern

Block colored linens are best for formal events such as large anniversary parties, weddings, formal graduation parties, banquets and such. You can choose dark shade or light shade according to your taste and preference. A dark shade can add mystified layer to a room while a bright shade can surely give a pleasant outlook. For formal tea parties or small events use printed floral linens and use matching plain colored linens and napkins at each setting. When washed cotton and linen wrinkles and makes it essential for linens to be starched first and then ironed. Proper care is vital where linens are concerned as harmful chemicals can seriously damage the fibers of the fabric. Use dark shade so that you can easily wash them to remove the stains.

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