Successful Treatment of Vaginismus in Ayurveda - A Real Story

Successful Treatment of Vaginismus in Ayurveda - A Real Story


What was it like when you first discovered that something wasn't right? A minor symptom may suggest a major issue, I have sensed this earlier that something was not right with me. According to studies and research, about 30% of women complain about extreme pain during vaginal intercourse. Everyone expects intercourses are done for pleasure, little pain is good but painful intercourses can be a sign of some underlying health issues. You might need some medical help. First and foremost thing if you are experiencing any genital pain, don't delay talking to your doctor.

"So why are you here today?" This was the first question from my assistant doctor. I awkwardly mumbled, "Some issue regarding pain". I could question myself why I was so embarrassed about telling her? She is performing her duty!! Was it because I was behaving awkward socially? Am I walking weirdly? I think these were the main reasons for my discomfort and abnormal behavior. Anyways I replied to all the queries, "Umm, I feel pain during tampon insertion, muscle spasm, walking and intercourse". I told my doctor all the symptoms I was going through. She advised me some physical examination i.e. pelvic analysis to see other possible causes of the pain.

My husband was the one who suggested I see a doctor and triggered this whole journey. He told me that, "Amaira, you don't have to self-analyze the conditions, you are already anxious enough". I have always been a worrier since childhood as I had this consistent fear of falling from my bike but I did it anyway. As a student, I was always afraid of getting failed even though I used to get nightmares about lagging behind the whole class. This constant worrying became a part of my daily life.

Vaginismus is defined as an involuntary vaginal muscle spasm. This condition hinders penetration in the vagina it can cause pain during penetration; some women cannot even tolerate the insertion of a tampon.

And something unexpected happens

When my doctor confirmed to me that if you are feeling pain while penetration then you are likely to have Vaginismus. Whoever is reading this might have clenched your teeth if you have ever been on the same page. She just said, "Now just try to relax, nothing to stress about". I was in complete trauma hearing this because of me and just freaked me out. But I calmed myself down and took a deep breath of faith and believe.

"Vaginismus- This would soon made my life a roller-coaster"

I came to know about the fact that vaginismus is a very common problem but it is rarely discussed. Most of the women find it difficult to express themselves, not even their female family members. This silence and sense of shame which surrounds the situation contributes to compounding the problem itself. Every woman wishes to lead a normal life just like every other woman.

I was worried and distressed with the thoughts of not feeling to embark or enjoy a sexual relationship and not able to conceive through intercourse which is a huge problem on its own.

I was trying every possible way to get the best treatment because at some point I had affected my personal life as well as my professional life. The ongoing steroids and other suppositories had lowered the quality of my life. High dosages and the constant pain have made me anxious, frustrated and I started getting irritated on small things. I get socially awkward when any of my colleagues or neighbours would ask me about my day.

Dark side of the treatment…

Modern medical systems, no doubt can be opted in emergency cases but sometimes we are not comfortable with the tactics advised. Like my doctor have prescribed me a good number of steroids and sex therapy, counselling, vaginal dilators and Kegel exercises. Even along with medicines I started seeing a therapist for mental relief so that I don't start affecting others along with this situation. I started getting involved in meditation, Yoga and some spiritual practices.

But as it is said that the darkest hours are just before dawn!!

I started getting a bit better but whenever I stopped taking steroids the problem could start reappearing. At this moment I have realized the fact that I have taken the wrong route and have wasted my one year after this. Then I started researching and have dug the history up to a certain level. I was constantly trying to get to the root to eliminate the problem too naturally. I was ready to change my lifestyle and could do anything to get my normal life back. Someone at the yoga and meditation sessions gave a ted talk about Ayurveda and its benefits. This thing forced me to think over it deeply.

I studied about Ayurveda and came to know about various patients, their illness, and their journey with Ayurveda. I didn't have any faith earlier on this science but a trust started building up after studying and researching about it. My anxiousness led me to a road where I should have stepped earlier but it was in my stars to roam around for this door.

Finally, I get there…

I found out the most trustworthy organization for my problem as I watched all testimonials of the patients who have already recovered from this. Yes, Planet Ayurveda is the name of the place which has made me capable of writing about my own condition today so that whoever is looking out of the box could find this. Dr. Vikram Chauhan who is running this organization solved my problem through online consultation itself.

I was asked about the lab reports and other prescriptions as per the consultation procedure. They easily communicated the prescription to me which involved some herbal medicines like Female Health Support, Boswellia Curcumin, Yograj Guggul, and Shatavari Capsules which are totally natural and will not cause any kind of side effect.

I followed the prescribed medicines strictly along with the recommended diet for about three months. After three months I could feel my life getting back on track, nothing could have happened better than this. This recovery was not less than a miracle for me because at some point it seemed impossible. However, it is imperative to speak on behalf of all the women struggling with vaginismus in daily life.


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