BMW X5 Alternator Failures: Causes and Symptoms from Expert Mechanics in Plano

Among the various luxury cars that are manufactured around the world, there are a few that stand out from the others due to their impeccable quality and track record. One such luxury car manufacturer is the BMW that is years ahead of its nearest competitors due to its elegant design and powerful performance. There are various models of BMW and among them when it comes to an SUV; the BMW X5 is one of the most sought after luxury car. The BMW X5 comes equipped with various advanced features and parts that help in the smooth running and better performance of the car.

When it comes to choosing a luxury SUV most people go for the BMW X5 and its popularity can be gauged from the number of these cars seen on the road in Plano. There are certain parts in your BMW X5 that are critical for its smooth running. One such part is the alternator which is responsible for generating the proper amount of electricity for powering the car’s electrical components and battery. Many drivers have often complained about a failing alternator in their BMW X5. Here in this article, we will discuss the causes and symptoms of alternator failure.

Causes of alternator failure

There are certain factors that can cause the alternator in your BMW X5 to malfunction and it is imperative for you to know about these conditions that could cause the alternator to fail. Here are the following factors-

Dead alternator

Like every part in your BMW X5, the alternator comes with a life span of its own and it should last between 5 and 8 years. If it has been that long and you are having electrical issues in your BMW X5, then your alternator has simply worn out and needs to be replaced.

Problem in the computer

All the modern cars are now equipped with a computer that is the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). These systems are what manage virtually every component of the BMW X5 which also includes the alternator. However, if there is any problem or glitch in the ECU, then it will stop the alternator from charging properly even if the alternator is in fine working condition.

Wiring issues

Your BMW X5 consists of a lot of wires that deliver power to the alternator. If any of these wires are damaged or worn out, then it could cause the alternator to fail at its job and the battery will not get charged. You need to inspect the wiring of the alternator because that might be the reason behind the alternator not working.

Failing fuse

The BMW X5 uses fuses to keep the alternator functional. These fuses blow out after sometime when there is a power surge. Under these circumstances, your alternator would fail and your battery will not be able to charge. You can refer to your owner’s manual to locate the alternator fuse in your BMW X5.

Damaged pulley or broken belt

The alternator uses the mechanical power of a belt and pulley to generate the electrical energy for the car. The alternator belt and pulleys are not at all durable and that means it could break easily. Pulleys last for a long time before they eventually get damaged from old age.

Symptoms of alternator failure

Whenever the alternator of your BMW fails, it exhibits certain symptoms. Here are the signs of alternator failure-

Flickering headlights

The headlights and other lights in your BMW X5 should function without any glitch. However, if you see that the headlights or other lights flicker or dim, then it is a strong signal that the alternator is not working correctly. The alternator provides power to the headlights and if the lights are flickering, then the alternator is struggling to perform.

Other electrical failures

When the alternator is failing, then the other systems that are powered by the alternator may start to act strange. These can include the power windows, power locks, dashboard lights, air conditioning system and other electrical systems. There are other things that might be behind all these systems behaving erratically, however, you must take your BMW X5 to a certified repair shop for a proper diagnosing and servicing.


The above-discussed factors are some of the reasons behind the alternator of your BMW X5 malfunctioning and the signs that you will observe will manifest in the form of electrical components malfunctioning. You should take your BMW X5 to a certified repair shop to address the issues affecting the alternator.

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