The Most Efficient Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

The Most Efficient Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can cause quite a lot of issues and can negatively impact your health. That is why it’s so important to treat it properly. These are some of the most effective ways you can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and finally get a good night’s sleep.

Change your sleeping position

Sometimes, your sleeping position can be the main cause of your sleep apnea. For instance, sleeping on your back certainly doesn’t help. As a matter of fact, it just makes things worse. Changing up your position can help you out.

What you should try is sleeping on your side for a change. However, if you find it challenging to stay in that position all throughout the night, consider using positioning devices such as pads, cushions, pillows, and so on. These devices will help you remain in that position for a longer period of time, thus preventing you from turning in your sleep and getting on your back. In case this doesn’t work for you and it only ends up worsening your snoring, don’t worry. There are other home treatments you can try.

Try using a humidifier

One very efficient treatment includes using a humidifier. Dry air tends to irritate the respiratory tracts causing you to have difficulties breathing while you sleep. This also makes your sleep apnea condition even worse.

This is where humidifiers come in. These devices create moisture in the air and help you breathe clearly by opening your airways as you sleep. You can even add some essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and other oils since they have numerous anti-inflammatory benefits.

Try oral devices

There are several oral devices you can try out to treat your sleep apnea. For instance, a mandibular advancement device, commonly referred to as MAD, is a device that repositions your jaw and keeps your airways open while you are sleeping. MAD sort of looks like a sports mouth guard. That's why another common name for it is sleep apnea mouth guard.

Then, another device that can also be quite helpful is an anti-snoring mouth guard. This device can ensure that your airways are kept open and that you can sleep peacefully without any disturbances.

Lastly, a device for positioning your tongue called a tongue stabilizer can also help you. Just like the previous two devices, this one also works on keeping your airways open as you sleep.

Change your Lifestyle

What you also might want to consider doing is switching up your lifestyle for a healthier one. For instance, if you're smoking and drinking regularly, that might actually be causing you more sleep apnea complications. Smoking creates inflammation and swelling in your airways while drinking too much alcohol results in your throat muscles getting too relaxed. These muscles are in fact responsible for controlling your breathing and as they get too relaxed you experience snoring and inflammation.

This is why leading a healthy lifestyle is so important. Consider quitting smoking and drinking as well as changing your diet. Physical activity is also very beneficial when it comes to reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. Also, try to eat more fresh foods instead of processed and canned ones. Drink a lot of water and avoid bigger sugar intakes. Incorporate more physical activity each day, even if it’s just a light 15-minute workout or a relaxing walk in nature.

Do yoga

Lastly, yoga has been proven very efficient when it comes to reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. The main focus of yoga practices is breathing. Yoga teaches you how to properly breathe and allow your mind and body to experience all of the senses at the same time. By doing yoga exercises daily you can also significantly improve your sleep and reduce your sleep apnea symptoms.

Consider doing yoga at the beginning of every day or right before going to sleep and you’ll be seeing some amazing results very soon.


All things considered, even though dealing with sleep apnea can be extremely troubling and challenging, there quite a lot of ways you can successfully treat it. There are many devices, treatments, and techniques you can try as well as small changes in your lifestyle that you can implement in order to have better sleep.

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