5 Tips For Increasing Gas Mileage In Trucks

By Matt

When driving trucks is what you do for a living, it’s important to understand how you can increase the fuel economy of your vehicle. You’ll not only save gas, but you save time and money as well. Here are some tips to remember for increasing your gas mileage as a truck driver.


Tire Pressure


First and foremost, check the tire pressure of your truck. This is also necessary for your safety. Properly inflated tires offer less resistance on the road, increase fuel economy and providegreater stability of the vehicle. Just one PSI under inflated can reduce fuel economy by 3% as well as increase wear on the tires.


Keep Your Truck Tuned Up


By keeping your vehicle tuned up, you’re greatly increasing your own safety in the truck, and you’re also increasing your gas mileage. Make sure you’re using the recommended grade of motor oil and check that your wheels are correctly aligned. Check the air filters regularly to improve performance.


Look Ahead & Stay Aware Of Hazards


Know what kind of road conditions you’ll be facing before you even get out there. Every time you drop down a gear, fuel consumptionincreases. Use your bird’s eye view as an advantage, and keep the momentum of your truck going. Your view also allows you to stay aware of any possible hazards and to select a gear appropriate for the situation. Stay observant to plan ahead, reduce gear changes, avoid accidents, and save fuel.




Speeding is always dangerous, but speeding in an 18-wheel vehicle is another level of dangerous. Not only that, but speeding on highways candecrease fuel economy by over 20%.


Instead, use cruise control when it’s safe to do so. It’s always more fuel efficient to use cruise control than it is to weave in and out of traffic! If you don’t have cruise control or it’s not a safe time to use it, take advantage of the momentum you’ve built up when going downhill. You don’t have to keep accelerating here.


Idle Time


Many people think it’s better to leave a vehicle idling than it is to turn it off and restart, when in actuality, it lowers your fuel economy. It uses far more diesel to keep the truck idling for more than 60 seconds than it does to turn the engine off and restart it. Not to mention that it increases emissions greatly.


A Note On Safety


According to Austin, TX truck accidents lawyer, Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, truck brake problems and traveling too fast for conditions account for over 50% of truck accidents. While you’re incorporating these simple tips for fuel efficiency into your driving, keep safety in mind as well, and you’ll be good to go!

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