Benefits of putting your dog in day care

Just like humans. dogs often feel lonely too and also want to hang out with their friends once in a while. Dog daycares have become the popular thing for many pet owners world over.There are some people who may still think that putting a dog in day care is an unnecessary expense, or a bit much; how wrong to think that way! Many people are putting their dogs in doggy daycare and are loving the many benefits of doing so. Below are some reasons why should consider putting your fur friend in a dog day care: 

  • It keepsyour dog from getting lonely

While you are at work the whole day, your fur friend misses you a lot.  They might spend hours waiting by the window or door for your arrival.There is only so much a dog can do at home each day by themselves, day after day.  Plus, when dogs get lonely and bored, they get anxious.  As a result, they tend to turn to chewing on furniture or being destructive to pass the time. Dog Day care makes sure your dog is never lonely. He or she may even make new friends. 

  • Dogday cares offer grooming

Most dog daycare facilities offer some type of grooming services for your dog.  So not only will your dog enjoy their time playing, you can knock out two birds with one stone by having their nails and hair trimmed during their stay. This actually serves you money and time.


  • You don’t have to worry about being home late

Some nights you have to work later than you expected, leaving your dog home waiting for you well past dark.  Or, you might make social plans after work which just extends the amount of time your dog is alone.If your dog is in dog daycare, they can remain in good hands until you are ready to pick them up.  

  • It’s more affordable than you think

When people first hear about daycare for dogs, they assume it’s going to be expensive.  This concern is one of the main reasons why people avoid daycare options for their dog.  But if you shop around you will find that many facilities have discounted rates or specials. And they also offer a lot of dog services such as grooming which saves you money and time.  

  • Your dog gets to exercise all day

Being locked up in the house all day can be hard on a dog.  Too much laying around is not good for their health.  Even with access to the backyard, they might not be as motivated to run around by themselves without encouragement. At a dog day care, however, your dog will be actively played with. They can run around with other dogs, play fetch, and go on walks with staff.  This will be beneficial for your dog’s physical health and emotional well- being. 

  • Your dog will get lots of attention

You know your dog loves getting attention from you and would happily have it all day, every day, if they could.  So while you have to be away, why not let someone else provide them with plenty?At dog daycare, your dog will get plenty of attention from a dog-loving staff that will be there to shower your dog with affection and play. 

  • It will give you peace of mind

Another big benefit of dog daycare is your own piece of mind. While you’re at work, you can be confident that your dog is being well taken care of and is happy until you can pick them up.Knowing your special friend is interacting with other dogs, playing, and getting plenty of exercise is a reassuring feeling.

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