The Value of SEO and SEM for Small Businesses in Melbourne

The Value of SEO and SEM for Small Businesses in Melbourne

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of increasing a business’ performance in organic search engine results pages. Together with an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, SEO works on getting a business website ranked in the first pages of search engine results pages since the main objective of SEO is to gain more visibility for the brand or business. SEO aims at improving your website's performance and making it more searchable on search engines such as Google and Bing. 

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, refers to activities involved with paid advertising such as PPC. Together with a professional SEM Management Agency in Melbourne aims at improving your ads, so that they gain better visibility and are displayed to more relevant audiences. When using Google Ads, it is always advisable to work with one who has obtained the status of Google Premier Partner, because of their immense experience, know-how, and access to all of Google’s technology, tools, and expertise. 

While these two aspects of digital marketing are usually compared and appreciated in their own right, a combined effort of SEO and SEM can produce fantastic results for a business. 

As any Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne will tell you, both SEO and SEM share a common goal; that of driving traffic to your website and gaining more conversions. SEO can take some time to show results, while SEM is fast. However, without a properly optimized website, which is achieved through SEO, you will not be able to see success through SEM. Properly done SEO essentially makes your website more user friendly, easier to use, and more responsive. If your website’s page loading time is slow or your site is unattractive, there will be no point in spending money on SEM campaigns. On the other hand, SEM Management involves researching for the best keywords that are most relevant to your business and finding those keywords that potential customers will use to search for similar products and services, without which there won’t be any point to SEO, because ranking on search engine results pages is also highly sensitive to the right keywords. 

One of the most important aspects of both SEO and SEM is to gain more clicks. While some businesses are under the wrong impression that this can be achieved solely with SEO activities, an experienced Digital Marketing Agency will tell you that it isn’t. This is also the opinion shared by Google, as they feel that depending on organic search alone causes a false sense of confidence in businesses. Combining these two activities means that you get to meet your customers wherever they are in their buying decision, and helps you build closer relationships between your brand (or business) and your customers. 

Using both SEO and SEM together increases a business’ visibility and brand awareness because using both SEO and SEM helps you show up in organic search as well as paid search. 

Using both these techniques together is very beneficial, especially for small businesses, who want greater brand visibility and brand awareness, and don’t really have the benefit of huge resources and budgets for their marketing activities. Any Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne will agree that working with both these techniques will give small businesses an edge, ahead of their competition, and level the playing field for them to compete with larger corporations and bigger budgets, assisting them to achieve growth and success quickly and effectively.

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