Points to Keep in Mind When Selecting Dress for of the Bride/Groom’ Mother

Points to Keep in Mind When Selecting Dress for of the Bride/Groom’ Mother

To read what rules apply to the matriarchs of the bride and groom families in terms of dresses, read this article. You would know what the traditional rules are as well as the modernized versions of the designer mother of the bride dresses.

Important Dressing Etiquettes You Must Keep in Mind

Indeed, when two people are getting married, the stars of the day are the bride and the groom. In terms of dressing, they must look the best, and everyone must match their style. And that is the same case for the mothers of the soon-to-be wife and husband. For this, the mother of the groom dresses should appear understated, proper, and in the same range as the bride's mother. As for the style, gone are the days of simple beige shades or pastels in matronly styled dress suits. For both of them, some points are important to consider to select the correct clothes. The following are some of the important dressing etiquettes you must keep in mind.

1. Mothers match each other

Indeed, the bride's and groom's mothers need to choose a style that compliments each other. Traditionally speaking, the bride's mother selects her designer mother of the bride dresses first and then informs the other matriarch. Plus, both of them need to place any orders or alteration requests with a lot of time in hand. Thus, this conversation is important.

However, it does not mean that the bride's and the groom's mothers wear the same day on the big day. But they need to complement in style or design. Of course, sometimes, the bride specifies if the dress should be the same for them. In such circumstances, the two mothers need to select a style that suits them both.

2. Modern plans

In modern society, the rules are less extreme or specific for the bridal couples' mothers. However, it is still important to stay true to the theme, unless the bride specifies not to. One of the common etiquettes popular for Christian weddings is not wearing black clothes. However, currently, that is not completely a taboo.

The mothers of the soon-to-be wife and husband can also include some additions to their look. These include pairing their clothes with a wrap, shawl, or jacket.

3. Traditional rules

There are some traditional pointers that you need to keep in mind when selecting the two mothers' dresses. It is important not to match the color of the bride's gown, for one. So traditionally that rules out neutral, off-white, and white colors. Also, it is necessary that the mothers do not outright match the length, style, or color of the bridesmaids' dresses.

Also, the mothers of the marrying couple need to be conservative in their clothing. Not to mention, they should choose dresses that suit the formal etiquettes. For the best outcome, checking with the soon-to-be spouses would help.

4. The Bride gets the final vote

Indeed, the final say rests with the bride, and she would inform you what to choose. This is because it is her wedding to the groom, and they would set the entire mood of the ceremony.

5. Multi-colored ceremonies

Currently, there is a trend of going to wedding ceremonies with multiple-color themes. In this, every attendant would choose a different color to hero in their ensemble. So, here, the mothers of the marrying couples should choose a dress that flatters each other. For example, if the wedding colors are more in the pastel family, the mothers should choose mint green or soft violet choices.

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6. Consider the venue

It is very crucial to maintain a clothing choice that goes with the overall event. For this, when choosing a mother of the soon-to-be wife and husband dress, you can check the venue type. In case the venue is a church wedding, the mothers should include a jacket or wrap around their shoulders. Of course, you should consider the religious, cultural, and weather factors as well.

7. Rule for stepmothers

In traditional weddings, the stepmother of the groom has an honorary position but different than the traditional mother roles. Thus, their mother of the groom dresses fall in the middle ground between what a groom’s mother should wear and regular guests. It is important to discuss this with the bride and the groom first, and decide which dress code is appropriate.

Overall, when you are picking on the dresses for the bride's or groom's mothers, these rules are helpful. Nevertheless, maintaining a balance of tradition and modernity is the best bet.

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