Latest Trends to Expect in New and Refurbished Mobile Phones in 2021

The ongoing health crisis has affected billions of people across the world. And on top of that, this pandemic has also changed the world’s economy. Even the use of mobile applications has been affected since there are those that have become stagnant while the rest are seeing huge gains. The latter are the ones that are coming up with innovations as well as new ideas that will cater not only with flagship devices, but also with refurbished mobile phones.

Trends that Will be Outdated Soon

Before we tackle the latest mobile trends 2021, let’s spare a few moments on trends that will soon be outdated as they have been part of our smartphone experience for the past several years. Let’s get started.

 Fingerprint sensors on phone

Fingerprint sensors will be a thing of the past. (photo credit: theverge)

  • 4G. The appearance of 4G connectivity had improved our user experience since it made everything work faster compared to before. We were able to browse the web with ease, download apps and files without any hitch, you name it, it was a cinch getting them. However, with users clamoring for faster downloads and less lags while using their mobile phones, we are now edging towards 5G. What this means is that we will be expecting faster downloads which is actually twenty times faster than what we are used to with the 4G.
  • Fingerprint Sensor. Security in phones, both brand new, and the refurbished phones started with the fingerprint sensor. This technology was designed so that the user’s own fingerprint will be the key to unlocking the mobile phone. But with the latest innovation, the fingerprint sensor will soon give way to facial recognition which will be a common feature in smartphones to come until a new trend comes.
  • AR. Augmented Reality became a hit when it was launched because now, customers are looking for applications that support AR to give them a different user experience. But if you are thinking that this will remain among the mobile technology trends 2021, think again. The next best thing is the virtual reality or VR wherein the user will be immersing himself or herself into the virtual reality of the program itself. Basically, you will feel that you are right inside the application. Nowadays, VR glasses are used to experience this technology, but we may see this tech taking off in the future.
  • Card Payments. Most of us have been transacting using our credit or debit cards, but things will change as more and more people are starting to become comfortable with paying for their purchases online. The ongoing pandemic is one of the driving forces of this new trend, but this cashless payment system has been around for some time. It is only now that many are considering the value of paying for food, for groceries, or even online shopping without having to use cash for them.

Watch Out for These Mobile Trends 2021

It is not unusual for mobile applications to fade from memory. After all, developers are constantly coming up with new programs that will cater to the needs of their target users. That said, there are many factors that contribute to the rising mobile technology trends 2021 and one of them is the health crisis that we are dealing with today. Like it was mentioned before, this has shaped the mobile industry in a way that many did not expect. Which mobile trends 2021 will we see that can be used in both brand new and refurbished mobile phones?

 Fitness apps

Fitness apps will still trend in 2021 (photo credit: fitnessfirst)

  • Mobile Commerce.
    With shelter in place and lockdowns being implemented across the globe, shopping for food and essentials shifted towards online. And since most of us are equipped with a handheld device, be it brand new or refurbished mobile phones or tablets, companies are seeing the value of migrating to online where people can see and access them any time. This will continue next year as people become more comfortable in doing their transactions online.
  • Mobile Games.
    The demand for mobile games and the number of customers who took advantage of in-app purchases rose significantly during the course of the pandemic. This surge showed that there is business to be made in developing online games. This is because mobile games offer a cheap form of entertainment. Multiplayer games, arcade racing, match-3 games, and even hypercasual games are among those that have been downloaded this year, including in refurbished mobile phones.

  • Fitness.
    The spotlight is now focusing on our health and wellness since being stuck at home increases the chances of going back to our sedentary lifestyle. Mobile fitness programs are being downloaded left and right by health conscious individuals so this trend will not go away any time soon. After all, keeping healthy and fit during these times is important for added protection. We  will see more fitness programs offering personalized programs to its users and even access to personal trainers too.

  • Food Delivery.
    In line with businesses moving to providing their service online, we are seeing an uptick in deliveries both in food and goods. Mobile delivery applications are rising as more people prefer to have their orders delivered to their homes or offices instead of them going out. Restaurants are starting to offer delivery services too which you can book via their mobile application. These apps aren’t limited to recently released smartphones, but also with refurbished mobile phones that are compatible with these programs.

  • Mobile Ads
    Since people are using smartphones more often, spending on ads for mobile devices is on the rise. However, putting an ad for desktops and laptops with smartphones is not recommended as certain keywords may not be common in these platforms. Companies that want to tap their mobile phone consumers best learn this to ensure that their ads will be visible to the right group.

  • Video Marketing
    Consumers prefer to get their information in easy-to-digest sizes and should be entertaining at the same time. Writing content is one thing, but it seems tha video marketing is going to be among the mobile technology trends 2021. What’s great about creating video content is that it is accessible regardless of whether target customers are using new or refurbished mobile phones. It is possible that future video content will take on movie quality which makes them more entertaining and informative at the same time.

  • Additional Payment Methods
    It is highly likely that we will be seeing more online payments being utilized next year since many prefer to do cashless transactions lately. Although businesses have been offering this type of service for years now, it is only now that many are taking advantage of its convenience. Even banking institutions are upgrading their mobile applications to accommodate the needs of their customers with regards to paying for their purchases.

  • 5G
    Out with the 4G in with the 5G. Smartphone companies have been making their mobile devices to be 5G ready once this technology becomes available across the globe. This means that we will be experiencing better mobile phone usage since download speeds are jacked up and connectivity will become better. Even refurbished mobile phones that are 5G ready will benefit from this trend in the coming years.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence or AI is a common term in the tech industry, but it will still play a role in mobile trends 2021 especially when it comes to chatbots. Most websites that we view in our smartphones come with chatbots that engage the customer right from the start. Using AI technology, the chatbot will be able to come up with the right answers based on the consumer’s input thus creating a conversation. This type of engagement can increase the chances of the customer to buy from the site even when using their mobile devices.

 Will Refurbished Mobile Phones Remain in Demand Next Year?

The market for refurbished mobile phones will remain high in 2021 especially when businesses are moving towards a work-from-home setup which will require a decent running smartphone. Schools that have been closed can still continue educating their students through video conferences that refurbished gadgets can provide. Employees who are required to report for work even when they are at home, can take advantage of budget-friendly refurbished devices as their business phones.

What’s great about refurbished smartphones and tablets is that they can work like new. This is because retailers of second-hand gadgets are refurbishing old phones to meet the same standards as their original manufacturers minus the high price. This is a great way to grab a recent flagship gadget without burning a hole in your budget.

The mobile technology trends 2021 that we will be seeing and enjoying will not be limited to just the newest smartphones in the market. This is because these applications can still be applicable to refurbished models, particularly those that were released between two to five years. As long as the gadget is compatible with the mobile app, it can be downloaded and used in refurbished units too.

The prospect of seeing these trends next year is quite exciting especially to those who are heavy mobile phone users. With the option of paying cashless, and having access to information quickly, as well as finding more ways to entertain ourselves with just our smartphones, 2021 is becoming more promising.

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