9 Effective Tips on How To Make Your Home Warmer in Winter

9 Effective Tips on How To Make Your Home Warmer in Winter

Winter is a wonderful season that brings a lot of freshness and Christmas joy. However, if your home is extremely cold, all these advantages can be eliminated with a runny nose and cold feet. But many people find heating costs more frightening than the common cold. In this article, we have gathered nine effective tips on how to make your home warmer in winter.

1. Hang up blackout curtains

With the onset of winter, it is better to replace thin curtains on the windows with blackout curtains. It would also be beneficial to close them as soon as it gets dark outside. Thick curtains will act as a thermal insulator and protect the house from cold air flows. This is especially true if the windows let the cold air into your room.

During the day, it is essential to keep the curtains open wide. Sunlight and heat will be able to enter the room through the window glass. Even if the temperature will increase slightly, it will be much more comfortable to be indoors at lunchtime. Moreover, blackout curtains can help you spend more time in a warm and comfortable bed since they can create darkness in the room.

2. Open the bathroom doors after taking a shower

Do you have a hot shower? If yes, you can easily warm yourself and your apartment at the same time. Indeed, it would be impossible to heat the whole house or apartment this way but at least the corridor or the bedroom located next to it will become a bit warmer. 

After taking a shower, the air in the bathroom becomes warm and humid so it is a good idea to let it out. Unfortunately, the heating effect will disappear within half an hour, but this is still better than letting the warm air cool down in a bathroom.

3. Place a foil panel between the battery and the wall

Radiators in your apartment tend to heat the room on one side and a concrete wall on the other. Why do you spend money to heat concrete? To avoid this, you can place a kind of barrier between the wall and the battery in the form of a small panel covered with foil. The foil will reflect the precious heat back into the room and it won't heat the cold wall.

4. Leave the oven door open after baking

One of the easiest ways to heat the air in the kitchen and the apartment is to leave the oven door open after baking. However, this may not be the safest option, so if you have small children or curious pets it is better to close the kitchen, and only when the oven cools down, let the warm air spread throughout the house. 

If you are sure that no one will get into the hot oven while you are busy with cooking, then feel free to use this method of heating. When the delicious cookies or ratatouille are ready, you can turn off the oven. Then leave the oven door open and let the heat escape. The kitchen tends to be the hottest place in the house, so you also get warm sitting there.

5. Replace old windows

A significant part of the heat in an apartment is lost due to outdated or incorrectly selected windows. Up to 25 percent of the heat passes through the windows, so you should pay attention to their condition. 

Old wooden windows do little to retain heat and the fittings of plastic frames loosen over time. That’s why your room can be extremely cold even with hot radiators. Modern windows provide sufficient insulation and help keep a comfortable temperature in your house throughout the year. 

6. Turn on the ceiling fan for 5-10 minutes

It may seem ridiculous to turn on the ceiling fan in winter. But the reality is that warm air goes up and cold air always remains below. A fan stirs the air and makes the warm air combine with the cold air. 

As a result, the temperature in the room will become a bit more comfortable. However, it is important to turn on the ceiling fan to the lowest setting. Otherwise, the air will not mix but will cool down and you will completely freeze.

7. Cover ventilation ducts

Heat can also escape unnoticed through the ventilation ducts, especially if you live on the upper floors. Since the holes shouldn’t be closed tightly, equip them with special doors or a piece of cardboard. This will help raise the temperature a bit.

8. Block the cold air in the chimney 

Many houses have a fireplace with a chimney. This chimney is an excellent conductor of cold air from the outside to your apartment. That’s why it is better to block this passage with an inflatable balloon or a large balloon. Don’t forget to tie a rope so that you can pull it and remove the balloon.

9. Place a fluffy carpet on the floor

It’s so unpleasant to crawl out from a warm bed in the morning and put your feet on the cold floor. Place a fluffy rug on the floor or at least in front of your bed. Such a carpet is a good insulation layer since it will become a barrier to cold air. This is especially important if you live on the ground floor. 

The bottom line

All the aforementioned tips can help you keep your home warmer without paying extra money for heating. Additionally, you can put on a few layers of clothes and cuddle with your pets or partners to feel comfortable and warm.

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