Watching Movies as a Married Couple

Movies provide an excellent opportunity for discussion between couples. In fact, it is often a great way to start talking about an issue that affects your own relationship without bringing it up directly. A study came out last year that provides support for this assertion. Drs. Ronald Rogge and Thomas Bradbury of the UCLA Relationship Institute have created a list of movies used in the study and discussion questions participants were asked. Although it is not a standardized model of treatment, “Cinema-therapy” is an acceptable treatment strategy and form of self-help. It can be a catalyst for growth and healing for couples who are open to learning how full vintage porn movies affect people and relationships. Couples must also watch movies about such relationships with conscious awareness.

Naturally, this then became the idea we developed and pitched after 24 hours of design and coding fuelled by energy drinks and semi-stale sweets (a.k.a a Hackathon). We called the end result ‘FewStream’ (we were really tired by then ok?). It combined an iOS app that worked as a ‘remote’ and a Chrome-based video player. Simply put, you invite friends to watch the same video, and can see and interact with each other virtually in real-time.


Honestly, I’m excited to watch classic porn movies. With friends and family spread across the world, this kind of entertainment solution means I can spend more fun time with them by doing something together, as opposed to simply talk to each other via a phone or video call. I am sure VR will come and blow my mind away with much more engaging real-time interaction solutions soon. For now, I’m pretty excited to give these services a try with my better half … and maybe try to finally put Skype away for good.

Experiencing the cinema in itself is a healing tool between people, it's an experience you have with your spouse for example that creates meaning, if there is a way to see old softcore porn movies and be immersed in the experience and then being able to reflect on the reality of others, it can serve as a wonderful way to validate, explore situations of others in a very metaphorical way, that softens and sometimes heals a wound a relationship is experiencing" states California licensed marriage and family therapist, Lisa Bahar. She goes on to say that movies "remind us to continue on, sometimes, dealing with relational stresses breaks up individuals, on the other hand, it can serve as a way to discuss issues and problems and possibly move through them.


What is clear these days is that viewers around the world are determined to push for the coffeehouse vision: sync-watching joins other phenomena, like the live-tweeting of shows and programs and the creation of fan content on platforms like Tumblr. If these efforts spread to a wider public, discussion, debriefing, remixing and live-snarking may one day be considered the authentic TV-viewing experience, even more than sitting alone in a BarcaLounger, armed with snacks.

Watching a movie with your spouse or partner can enhance your relationship if the film sparks thought and conversation regarding relational issues between couples. Be sure to focus on and pay close attention to what resonates with you as you watch. Think about what problems the on-screen couple shares that you might also share with your partner. What does the couple do to resolve these problems? Can you relate to or identify with their struggles and coping strategies? How are emotions and feelings handled between the couple? There are many more factors to explore with your partner after watching the movie together. Viewing films is a therapeutic as well as an entertaining and fun way to enhance your relationship.  

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