A Detailed Idea About Commercial Refrigeration

In the foodservice industry, commercial refrigeration is a vital segment. To maintain the quality of the raw products as well as to increase the shelf life of the freshly prepared items, proper refrigeration is necessary. It is directly related to the efficiency of the kitchen as well as the overall success of the business. The advancements in technology have made high-grade commercial cooling more versatile, economical, and easier to avail. Here are the different types of commercial cooling systems typically used in the foodservice industry today.


  1. Reach-in refrigeration

Reach-in fridges and freezers are one of the most common types of coolers used commercially. These devices are most popular for storing raw produce like fish, dairy, meat, veggies as well as cooked dishes and other perishable items. Reach-in refrigerators are available in different sizes and specifications. Starting from the number of doors to the number of compartments within the unit and the positioning of the compressor (bottom or top-mounted), you can choose as per your unique situation and preferences. 


  1. Merchandising refrigeration

These units typically come with glass doors to merchandise food or drinks while maintaining the item in a safe and customer-desired temperature. They are most common in stores, malls and shops offering grab-and-go beverages and foods. These are often used for merchandising canned or bottled drinks as well as packaged foods, cheese, and eggs. Available in multiple door options, sizes, and shapes. There are also open-air merchandising coolers that comes without a door, which promotes impulse buying. 


  1. Prep refrigeration or prep tables

It is designed with a solid, flat surface at the top, which is used for preparing speciality foods like pizzas, salads, sandwiches, etc. along with a powerful cooling system underneath, which is used for storage. If your foodservice business focuses on items like pizzas and salads and serve high volume customers daily, a prep table can improve the overall efficiency. If you are preparing the item in front of your customers, it also gives them the option to customize their food as they want, which can work as an added attraction. Prep cooling tables are available in different specifications suitable for the exact type of food to be prepared on it.


  1. Undercounter refrigerators

Starting from hotels to shops, the under-counter refrigerators have a wide range of applications wherever vertical space is a constraint. They can be installed in any small space for additional storage of ingredients or beverages, depending on the layout of the room. These are available in different sizes and number of sections. Door and drawer options are also available.  


  1. Bar refrigeration

Bar fridges are specifically designed to hold beer cans, wine, and liquor bottles at a ready-to-serve temperature which makes it easier for your staffer to serve quickly as per the customers’ request even during the busiest hours. If you are operating a pub or lounge, you must spend in suitable bar cooling systems. There are back bar coolers, wine coolers, keg coolers, as well as specialized bottle coolers that you can use as per your business needs. Each of these types of systems comes with unique specifications and applications.


  1. Refrigerated display cases   

These refrigerated cases are ideal for displaying desserts, cakes, pastries, and deli items in your shop without losing the freshness of the foods. These are available in a countertop as well as upright stand-alone versions, you can always pick according to your needs. There are also square glass and curved glass options available to choose from.   


Apart from the above, there are also other highly specialized fridges and freezers used commercially to serve specific cooling or freezing purposes. Walk-in coolers, sushi cases, blast chillers, medical refrigerators and floral coolers are some of the examples of highly specialized coolers. To know more about commercial cooling, talk to your commercial refrigeration supplier.

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