The Top Most Dependable Vehicles of 2016


Think about the last car you owned for the longest period of time. What did you like about it? Chances are that you remember how reliable it was rather than the safety of the car (it’s natural to take a vehicle’s safety for granted). Owning a dependable vehicle is just as important as owning a safe vehicle and often times, a dependable vehicle will keep you safer on the road.


The less dependable your vehicle is, the more time and money you’ll spend on repairs. Additionally, when your car is in the shop, you may have to rent a car and your chances of being involved in a car accident may increase due to the unfamiliarity (different operating features) of the rental vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for another car or would like to own something a little more dependable, here are some of the top picks for 2016:


Small or Compact Cars


For years, small and compact cars were driven almost only by a single person or a couple without children, but smaller cars are gaining popularity as a family car as well. Not only are smaller cars more practical for living in the city (easier to park on crowded streets), but in general, they are more fuel efficient which means more time driving and less time and money filling up. Some of the compact/small car picks for dependability include:


  • Honda Fit: Honda has always been a popular pick for dependability because they usually have a lot of life left in them well after they hit 100,000 miles. Most of the complaints surrounding the Honda Fit focus on the size or look of the vehicle, but no mention is made about a lack in dependability.


  • Buick Verano: For years, Buicks have been known as “Grandma cars” and not until recently has Buick been given a little bit of a boost, alerting a younger (and more hip) demographic to the dependable vehicle. According to Consumer Reports, Buick is one of the only domestic brands that got a top reliability this year (while other domestic brands had problems with their Infotainment Systems or with transmissions).

Midsize Cars


For families who don’t want to drive an SUV or Minivan, midsize cars are a popular type of vehicle to drive. Here are a few top picks from Kelley Blue Book (KBB):


  • Toyota Camry: Like Honda, Toyota has had a loyal following for years. Although it’s had it’s share of customer complaints over the years (like any vehicle), it is still seen as one of the most dependable vehicles on the roads today and if often passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Kia Optima: While Kia has been a popular pick for over a decade, it wasn’t always chosen for reliability, but rather the affordability. The 2016 Kia Optima has revamped Kia’s reputation and worked on aesthetics, comfort, and dependability. Kia is so confident in their new and improved midsize car that the Optima comes with a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty that covers the engine and transmission.



Although truck-based SUVs have taken the backseat, car-based SUVs are taking over the road due to the roominess and better fuel economy and without the overwhelming size of a standard SUV.


  • Mazda CX-3: For years, Mazda is a brand that can hold its own and is known for its dependability. Most famous for its smaller vehicles, the CX-3 continues to impress Mazda fans with its fuel economy, comfort, and ability to “zip” around.


  • Subaru XV Crosstrek: Subaru is known for it’s reliability and long life (well past the 100,000 mile mark). Famous for it’s ability to handle rugged terrain and being an exceptionally dependable winter vehicle (with it’s AWD), Subaru has produced another winner with its Crosstrek.

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