Google AdWords Price Extensions

Eager to know about new features of the advertiser’s favorite market platform.

Yeah!, We know that Google ads are the first choice of every advertiser. It’s an amazing platform for advertising online. As it is a great way for your ads to stand out from your competitors in a crowded digital marketplace. 

Google ads provide many unique features to showcase your services and products which makes targeting and reaching the right people at the right place with relevant information very easy. 

And Now Google announced several new features for advertisers to add a great touch to their ads- New Ad Extensions.


What is Ad Extension

An Ad Extension is an Extra piece of information that expands your ads to make it more informative to your users. Ad extensions generally include Mobile numbers, links to your website, reviews, etc. You can select more than one ad extension at a time which will help your ad campaign to meet your business goals.


Here are three new ad extensions that you might not know about!

  • Price Extension.
  • Promotion Extension 
  • Lead Form Extension.

In this blog, we are going to look deeper into price extension and its setup.

What Is Price Extension?

Price extension is a small informative snippet to your text ad and it is shown below your ads where you will be able to show a carousel of the prices of services and products which you offer. 

Price extensions can be shown on both Desktop and mobile devices and it is directly linked to your website.

How To Set Price Extension

Price Extension is quite different from other extensions we are using already. There are many options in price extensions, also different types, languages, and currencies are available.

This Extension is found with the other extensions in the ads and extension option.


Steps To Set Up:

Step 1

Login to google account

Step 4

Click on extensions

Step 2

Select the account you want to manage

Step 5

Click on add new extension

Step 3

Go to ads and extensions

Step 6

Select price extension

After selecting new price extension this tab will be opened:

landing page

You can add this extension to the account level, campaign level, or ad group level. It depends on you where you want to add an extension. In general, for adding extensions you just need to perform some more short steps. which we have listed below.


Choose where you want to add this extension

  •   Account
  • Campaign
  •  Adgroup

Select the currency of your choice

Click on extensions


Set unit to your price as per extension type


Select the language you want


Set price qualifier: price qualifiers are used if your prices are flexible

  • No qualifier
  • From
  • Up to
  • Average

Select the type from the following

  • Brands
  • Events
  • Locations
  • Neighborhoods
  • Product categories
  • Product tiers
  • Service categories
  • Service tiers
  • Services

Step 7


Set all details of the price item

  • Headers (25 Character)
  • Descriptions (25 Character)
  • Price.
  • Final URL.

Step 8

Save it


You can add 8 price extension items at single extension.

Ads 2


Here we present all information about price extension. Hope it will help you out. To know more in detail join FDMS – the best digital marketing institute in Nagpur also stay connected to learn about all other types of ad extension and read this in the next blogs with us.

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