Materials That Will Give You a Unique and Eye-Catching Accent Wall

Materials That Will Give You a Unique and Eye-Catching Accent Wall

Accent walls have become an important part of the home decorating world. These walls are an easy way to add a splash of color and personality to a room without overwhelming it, allowing homeowners a quick way to put their own stamps on a space. 

While you can simply paint your accent wall and call it a day, you have other options too. Using other materials add texture and depth to the room you’re decorating. If you're trying to come up with an accent wall concept of your own, you might want to try one of these eye-catching materials.

Reclaimed Wood

If you love the rustic style of old log cabins or farmhouses, you'll love using reclaimed wood for your home. It's a fantastic material for those who really want to bring a bit of the country into their homes. Reclaimed wood comes with a history that can add meaning to your renovation. 

It’s also an environmentally-friendly choice for those who love the look of wood. Because it’s taken from old constructions, paneling your accent wall with the wood doesn’t require any more trees to be cut down. As an added benefit, it looks more natural than new wood made to look weathered. 

This is definitely a material that's growing in popularity, with dozens of different display variants available for those who choose to go with reclaimed wood.

Recycled Brick

Recycled brick is great for those who want to give a traditional home more of an industrial loft look or a cosy, rustic look. A quick way to embrace the exposed brick look without having to actually find a space with exposed brick walls. This kind of accent wall can be fun and expressive while still allowing you to use more practical styles in other areas of your home.

If your home doesn’t already have a brick wall, you can buy recycled bricks and either add them yourself or hire a contractor to put them for you. Like reclaimed wood, recycled bricks have a naturally aged look to them. They also come in a lot of styles, colors, and shades, so you can find some that perfectly fit your decorating style.


Chalkboard has the dual benefits of being both attractive and utilitarian, especially if you have children. Chalkboard walls can be used to give your home a great, dark accent wall that can actually be written on. A great way to leave clever messages for your family and to give your children a place to express themselves, chalkboard walls are seeing a lot of traffic simply because they sit right on the border of being whimsical and being entirely practical.


Tile walls are more common in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, but tile can actually make for a fantastic accent wall anywhere in your home. Whether you want subway tile for that vintage look or ceiling tiles to give your wall a sense of geometric complexity and texture, choosing tile can be a great way to really liven up a wall of your home. 

Though not all tile works for this kind of wall, a little research will help you to find the perfect kind of tile for your space.

You can even use tile to imitate other types of materials. For example, if you like the rustic look of stone for your walls, but you want a cheaper or lighter alternative, tile is an excellent option. There are also wood imitation tiles that look shockingly realistic.

Don't be afraid to make your accent wall stand out. Pick a material that fits your design desires and go after it with gusto. With the right material, you can make sure that the accent wall really represents you.


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