How to Manage Time Effectively While Writing a Thesis?

How to Manage Time Effectively While Writing a Thesis?

A thesis is a long process that warrants your utmost focus. Writing a thesis requires many skills that are needed if you are to succeed in it. Skills like researching, critical thinking, writing, and articulation, etc. The thesis is a great stepping stone for your professional career. For one, it treats you like a professional even before you enter professional life. And second, it gives you a chance to evaluate yourself and know your strong and weak points. Before you think, I need to write my thesis, you should know a couple of things. 

First, a thesis is no ordinary assignment. It is a project that takes time and dedication. It takes focus and dedication. As a scholar, you have to prepare for it. Without a solid end-goal in mind, it is likely that you will trail off the road and become demotivated. Taking on a project such as a thesis will have both expected and unexpected obstacles. Therefore, it is advisable that you at least prepare for the ones that are expected. 

One of the major obstacles that scholars face when writing their thesis is managing the time for it. Let’s face it, you are already in the practical phase of your life and are probably working multiple jobs to support yourself. In such a situation, time is a huge problem. If you are going to work on your thesis late at night after you are done with your activities, chances are, you will not have the brainpower you need. You will be exhausted, and your mind and body would demand rest. 

So, how to manage time effectively while writing a thesis? In this article, we would explore different techniques and tactics that you can use to effectively manage time while writing a thesis.

You Need to Start Early

One of the things that are highly advisable is that you should start early. Especially if you are juggling two jobs at the same time, you need to start the process of thesis writing as soon as you can. You shouldn’t think, I will write my thesis when the time comes. Trust us, time will come and go with the blink of your eye. 

You need to capitalize and seize every second. Doing that will allow you to compensate for the time you spend at the office and on other activities

Plan Your Objectives Thoroughly

As we said before, a project such as a thesis will need planning. For a project to be successful, it has to follow a certain plan that is the general rule. Thesis writing is a lengthy process, containing many chapters and section. All of which requires a whole different set of rules than each other. Dividing it into parts might be the best approach a scholar can take to complete it. It is as the saying goes; you should go one step at a time.   

You can either divide it by difficulty or you can divide it by sections, whichever measure you might want to take is fine. It is all up to you. Jot down your plan and then proceed to work on it.

Make Thesis Writing a Habit of Yours

Doing something every day can have a significant psychological effect, even if it’s something you don’t want to do. With time and persistence, you will find it easy to do something that you never thought you would ever see yourself do. Similarly, you should spend some time with your thesis project, no matter how minimal it may seem. Make it your habit, and with time, you would find it exciting and fun. 

How to Manage Time Effectively While Writing a Thesis?

Meet and Consult with Your Supervisor

It is understandable that you might want to avoid showing anyone your thesis out of fear of being not good enough. However, this shouldn’t be the case with your supervisor or professor. They are there to provide you with useful advice. They are there to help you. Starting your thesis early gives you this chance. You can easily consult your supervisor and ask for his or her opinion. Remember, you are still a student, getting as much as you can from your professor should be your goal. 

Don’t Overdo It, Take Breaks

Hard work beats talent. This is the most misinterpreted quote ever. Working hard doesn’t mean that you have to spend a continuous day and night on a specific project with no breaks. It means that you need to be consistent in your approach and work daily. Overdoing it brings nothing but bad consequences. Your health and even your brain energy will be completely drowned if you are to work hours after hours nonstop. 

Take breaks and make sure you get a well night's sleep. Your body needs it, and especially your brain needs it. How can you expect to be at your 100% when you are not giving your body the rest it needs? Trust us, your thesis needs your 100%.  

Track Your Progress

Another thing you might want to do is track your progress. It is one thing to plan your objectives, but it's another to track it. Tracking your progress is essential to your program. By tracking, you know if you are on the right time track and acing your objectives or not. So, track your progress after some time. 

Don’t Procrastinate

There are always a million excuses for not doing something. If you are thinking, I will write my thesis later, you need to stop right now. Don’t do things later which can be done today. If you are writing your thesis, procrastination should be the last thing in your mind. Trust us, we all have seen cases of students struggling with their thesis at the end just because they were careless at the start.

You Can Make Daily To-Do Goals

One of the things we advise our students with regards to writing their thesis is to make daily to-do goals. If you divide your entire thesis by days, you can easily achieve it. Every day you will have to do one thing. In that way, you can be focused 100%. 

You Can Use Time Management Tools

You live in a digital era, why not make the most of it? Technological advancement has provided us with means that were impossible to perceive before, making our lives convenient and easy. In this internet crazed world, you can find various time management tools for your thesis project. Tools of this nature will make your life easy and will let you manage your day to day time easily. You don’t have to worry about work or any other thing. 

A simple Google search will bring up loads of time management tools. Research according to your needs and convenience, and pick the right tool for your thesis project. Integrate your thesis plan into the software and monitor your time.

Be Realistic in Deadlines

“I will write my thesis in just 2 days”, that is impossible. As a student, you need to be realistic when assigning deadlines. Your plan should be realistic and reasonable, containing enough breaks to keep you motivated and fresh. Your deadlines should be at the right level. Not too far and not too near. You should assign a deadline to every task in such a way that you spend some time of your day writing your thesis.

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