When Will Canada Immigration Restart?

When Will Canada Immigration Restart?
Then what has been the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on your application or on your future immigration prospects? Canada Immigration Consultants
People have to understand that due to an unprecedented crisis, the countries had to close their borders to prevent the inter-country spread of the virus. In fact India has even resorted to inter-state closure of borders. So, due to the closure of international borders, IRCC naturally would not invite  (would not issue ITAs to) foreigners as they will not be able to complete their applications and would not be able to travel in the incoming months. So, they have invited those applicants who are Canada Experience Class (CEC applicants who have experience of working in Canada) as these people have the highest propensity of being available in Canada. Such people can easily submit their applications and can easily be available in the country once PR is issued to them. Some of them may not be inside Canada or may not be able to file the Visa, this will bring down the CRS cut-off by a few points.  
Is Canada going to fulfill its immigration targets in 2020? Now the important point is that Canada has reiterated its intent of fulfilling its immigration targets and may only increase the issuance of ITAs than decreasing the same. Also, due to the lockdown, people across the world have not been able to give IELTS test, or get their transcripts, or get their ECA done or collect documents for Visa (such as employment reference letters, Bank letters, PCCs, Medical test certificate, Bank letters, etc). This has resulted in far fewer applications for the period of 3 months and fewer visas filed despite the issuance of ITAs. If there is a reduction of even 20% applications for the year, and IRCC continues issuing the ITAs to higher score CEC applicants, this supply constraint has the potential to bring down the CRS cut-off for new and existing Indian applicants to below 450 and even below 440 for one or two rounds.
What can you do about your immigration plan during this lockdown? Sure, you would not like to be caught napping and would like to ask the million-dollar question, 'when will the CRS score cut-off come down and to what levels?' Well, going by current trends, the high scoring candidates who are above 470 CRS score would get picked in about 3 draws, say by June end and in July 2020, you can expect the CRS cut-off to dip. Your application must be in the pool by June end or the latest by July.
The moot question is How do I ensure to be in the immigration pool when the CRS cut-off will dip? By taking positive action. Indian cities will open in May or the first week of June latest. WES (ECA body) is starting to process the applications from May 1st week, right now you can go about aggressively preparing for IELTS tests and request your universities for official transcripts to be sent to WES or other ECA bodies. Do what you can today, prepare for IELTS in a manner that you clear the test with 8777 & above in one go. You do not have a second chance to appear for the test when tests would start in May end or June, so prepare well. Take our help in getting you high score in IELTS and guiding you in pursuing WES application and getting transcripts sent to WES from your institutions. This is the time for action and we are here to help you. As a special gesture, we have introduced a special discount as Covid offer for deserving cases.
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