What Is Included In Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

What Is Included In Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

During the season of summer’s , The rising period of mercury makes our HVAC system to operate sixteen or seventeen hours on daily basis which makesextensive maintenance a censorious need. Hence, one of the best way through which you can prevent your HVAC system from any kind of overtime damage is to entering in a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.Generally, A commercial HVAC maintenance agreement includes the inspection of all the necessary components that is required by a commercial HVAC system to work perfectly without causing any type of issues. Cleaning and calibration on regular basis of  the components of your HVAC system such as boilers, control system, chillers, filters and more are one of the major benefit of signing a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement. To understand briefly that what is included in a commercial AC maintenance agreement, here are some of the major points mentioned below that cover all the activities which is included in a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.



  1. 1.   Perform Thorough Inspection


One of the best thing that is included in commercial HVAC maintenance agreement is that it performs thorough inspection of your HVAC system. There are mainly two types of issues that are found in HVAC system’s first that are visible and second that are not visible, But what if you are not focusing on invisible issues in your HVAC system? Yes right...Not focusing on invisible issues can directly impact the performance of your HVAC system which will later lead to the to the damages in your system which will cost you high. But having a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement can prevent you from the damages and costly repairs of your HVAC system. In this agreement the team of professional HVAC Companies or serviceman will thoroughly look in your system which will fix the any type of leakages and loose wiring issues which will help your HVAC system to perform in better way.



  1. 2.   Inspect Electric Connections


Do you focus on voltage connections of your HVAC system? If not....Than it’s the right time to focus on it , Having bad voltage connections can affect the working ability of your HVAC system which can later lead to the risk of fire. But entering in the commercial AC maintenance agreement will help your HVAC system to prevent from this type of problem. In this agreement, the HVAC technician will thoroughly check out the electrical connections and will reset the system voltages of your HVAC system which will help your HVAC system to prevent from short circuits and other electrical issues.



  1. 3.   Perform Ductwork Inspection


Having a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement performs the ductwork inspection of your house or of your office. Having leaks, cracks and loose joints in your ductwork help’s  your HVAC system’s cool air to escape which lowerthe cooling of your house or office areaand increase the electricity bills. But having commercial HVAC maintenance agreement will save both the cool air to escape. In this agreement the HVAC technician check’s and fix the leaks, loose joints and cracks in ductwork on regular basis. Ductwork inspection will directly improve the cooling performance of your HVAC system and will also lower your electricity bill.




  1. 4.   Check Refrigerant Leaks


HVAC system uses the refrigerant to generate cool air. But with the passage of time the improper maintenance of your HVAC system makes the system’s refrigerant dirty and increases the risk of leaking which will definitelyaffect the cooling of your HVAC system. But after entering in commercial HVAC maintenance agreement, the HVAC technician will clean the system refrigerant, test the refrigerant pressure and will also check and fix the leakages in refrigerant.



  1. 5.   Cleaning Evaporator and Condenser Coils


The heat inside your house or office areas is absorbed by evaporator coil while the condenser coils discharges that heat into the outdoor air. But, with the passage of timeas the evaporator and condenser coils become soiled, the condenser and evaporator coils becomes less productive in transferable of heat out of your area. As per entering in the commercial HVAC maintenance , the HVAC technician will clean up the evaporator and condenser coil of your HVAC system thoroughly which will strengthen the cooling ability of HVAC unit.



  1. 6.   Lubricate Components


When your HVAC system is in operating condition than the parts of your HVAC system such as gears, belts and bearings are in constant motion.But what if your system’s components are not properly lubricated? If your system’s components will not properly lubricated, it will cause damage to your HVAC system by producing friction in it and will also stop your HVAC system from working smoothly. But, during HVAC maintenance visit the HVAC technician will lubricate your HVAC system’s components thoroughly which will make your HVAC system to function properly without causing any type issues in it.



  1. 7.   Inspect Thermostat


Thermostat is the main component of your HVAC system that take partin controlling the temperature that is produced by your HVAC system. It is only thermostat in your HVAC system that allows you to setup the favourable temperature as per your requirement by creating a enjoyable environment in your house or office areas. Overtime and accidental cause can damage thermostat which will disbalancethe temperature settings of your HVAC system and will cost you high in repairing it. But , having the commercial HVAC maintenance agreement will prevent your thermostat from damage issues by inspecting thesettings of thermostat of your HVAC system on regular basis.

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