Why Medical Transcription Is Still Important in the Healthcare Industry

The success of a medical practice depends on the continuous flow of information between physicians, nurses, other healthcare workers and patients. This is possible only with accurate medical records. Hospitals and medical practices constitute a complex eco system that deals with huge volumes of data which keeps rising every day. However, with advanced technology, hospitals can declutter their workspace and EHR-integrated medical transcription services can help transcribe physicians’ dictation into accurate medical notes via HL7 interface.

Medical Dictation or Voice Recognition?

Today, to make the process of medical documentation easier for physicians, the EHR has integrated voice recognition software that transcribes the physician’s words in real time with AI technology. Another benefit of using AI-powered voice recognition software is that it helps physicians to attend to more patients in lesser time and also helps to reduce costs. 

The voice recognition system allows physicians to dictate and also minimizes the burden of drafting medical records. It can be also used for other purposes like medical review, billing etc. Here are some ways in which voice recognition software becomes useful for medical practices.

  • Reusing voice data: The voice data of voice recognition software can be reused as many timesas possible and this helps with better transparency, accuracy, translation and also helps with medical billing and coding purposes. 
  • Improved productivity: Today, all hospitals have implemented EHR and studies shows that EHR can reduce the productivity and efficiency of the physicians. With voice recognition, doctors can simply dictate and the software quickly transcribes the voice notes. This helps the physicians to consult more patients and focus more on the patients and their concerns instead of spending time on the computer.
  • Better flexibility: Voice recognition facility is very flexible as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It does not require any single interface and can be accessed with any smart device.  The rising use of cloud technology enables physicians to quicklyshare valuable data and information across various devices and platforms. 
  • Quick reimbursement: The quicker the delivery of care and recording of care with accurate information the faster will be the reimbursements. With timely reimbursement and accurate documentation, the process of auditing will also become smooth and seamless.  
  • Fast and accurate medical records: With voice recognition software, physicians can quickly document medical data without wasting any time. They can recordtheir notes comfortably using their mobile, laptop or work station and the recorded files can be transcribed quickly.

Despite these advantages, technology still fails in ensuring accuracy. Many studies show that voice recognition software is not completely accurate. According to an article by Health IT Outcomes, around 98,000 people die each year due to preventable medical errors, some of which may link to critical inaccuracies in documentation. These errors may be incorrect drug prescription, diagnosis or treatment procedure etc generated with AI technology. This shows that even though voice recognition software makes it convenient for physicians to document clinical records, it may never beat manual transcription when it comes to a high level of accuracy. This is because the voice recognition software is capable of only hearing and transcribing and has no background on medical terminologies or the ability to shape up the writing.

Manual transcription still plays an important role in medical record documentation, even after the emergence of EHR. To ensure quality and accuracy of physician’s dictation, healthcare units use transcription services.

Medical transcriptionists are experienced transcribers who have the knowledge to make the medical records accurate and comprehensible. A blended approach of medical transcription along with voice recognition software could ensure error-free EHR. Professionals of medical transcription services can cross check the transcribed reports and ensure quality and accuracy.

Medical Transcription Services is a reliable medical transcription company in the USA, provides transcription to healthcare clients across the United States and worldwide.
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