How To Prevent Acne!!

How To Prevent Acne!!

Acne is the most common of all skin problems from the USA, affecting up to 80 percent of teens and adults at a certain time in their lives.Mild Acne may include blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads, whereas more intense Acne triggers profound cysts and nodules that appear as lumps under the skin.

What causes Acne?

Acne happens when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It normally appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders as these regions of the body possess the many oil-producing glands.Factors which lead to the growth of Acne include the following.

  • Age:everyone can get Acne, but it is most common in teens as a result of hormonal changes.
  • Genetics:If Acne remains on your family history, then you're more inclined to get it at any stage in your lifetime.
  • Greasy chemicals:You can develop Acne in case the skin has a great deal of contact with grease or oil.
  • Friction or stress:in the event that you frequently wear tight-fitting helmets, collars, or backpacks which rub against your skin, you might be at greater risk of developing Acne.
  • Anxiety:Stress does not cause Acne, but it might make your current acne flare-ups worse.

Acne Symptoms

Based upon the seriousness of your illness, you might encounter one or more of those acne symptoms.

  • Whiteheads: closed plugged pores
  • Blackheads: open plugged pores
  • Papules: little, sensitive lumps
  • Pustules: pus-filled papules
  • Nodules: strong, painful lumps under the surface of the epidermis Cystic lesions: debilitating, pus-filled lumps beneath skin

Acne may leave scars and lead to emotional turmoil. The fantastic thing is that a lot of effective remedies are available, along with the sooner you find a dermatologist's help at Credocto, the more you'll reduce your risk of those issues.

How to Heal Acne

There are four levels of Acne, and also the very best treatments generally involve more than 1 method. Our purpose in Credocto would be to heal present pimples, prevent new breakouts, and protect against acne scarring.Towards the end, Credocto provide the very best and most innovative acne treatments available now. Employing the most recent technology to decrease the creation of their skin's natural oils also accelerate the production of healthy cells

we cure adult acne, teenage Acne, back acne, and infant acne.In the event the over-the-counter products that you have tried have not worked, along with your Acne is interfering with your self-esteem or is leaving you scars and discoloration, seek medical aid in Credocto. These days, we can successfully treat present Acne, prevent new breakouts, and lower your odds of creating scars.Our acne treatment programs at Credocto are customized based on each person, as no one treatment is effective for many patients. The regimens are according to the skin type, your age, and the seriousness of your Acne. While results might take a couple of weeks to appear, we'll discover the best treatments for you so which you are able to obtain control over your look and also the health of your skin.The different treatments we provide for Acne include:

Topical Medicines

Following an evaluation of your skin, then we select a prescription topical medicine that's best suited to your skin type, illness, and caliber of Acne. These medicines include alpha hydroxyl acid and Retin-A formulas. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best bacteria killers, or we may provide you a prescription for antibiotic lotion.

Oral Medicines

We occasionally prescribe oral antibiotics or drugs like isotretinoin and spironolactone. Your doctor will carefully track the efficacy of the drugs.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are ordinarily employed for nodules and cysts, which can be two kinds of Acne which cause big, painful lumps underneath the surface of the epidermis. These kinds of Acne may take weeks to fix by themselves.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in many different formulations and intensities. These lotions rejuvenate and enhance the look and texture of skin by eliminating damaged skin layers, making them flake out to show the much healthier, new skin beneath.Exfoliating dead skin cells also unclog pores and also create room for new skin cells to multiply and proceed until the top layer of the epidermis. Although you will discover a distinct improvement after just 1 treatment, you might see even greater results following a series of peels spaced a few weeks apart.Telephone Credocto now for an evaluation of your skin or to consult us if you were diagnosed with cancer. Contact Us!

Laser Treatments

Most laser and laser light-based treatments achieve the deeper layers of skin without damaging your skin's surface. Since this technology heals the layers, it's among the most excellent solutions for curing acne discolouration and its harmful impact on your skin.


Microdermabrasion is primarily utilized as a treatment for acne scars instead of Acne. Called"skin-sanding," this non-chemical, minimally invasive process eliminates the very outer layer of skin, removing skin depressions and smoothing the surface. Microdermabrasion is a two-phase procedure. To begin with, a gentle flow of small crystals exfoliates the surface of the skin, making a renewed look by eliminating dull, dead skin cells. AfterwardsAfterwards, a vacuum whisks away the debris, showing a more transparent, softer complexion. For the best results, microdermabrasion takes typically four to six short in-office treatments each year.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

This process involves using an injectable dermal filler to lessen the depressions of acne scars. These fillers aren't permanent, however, and generally last about nine weeks.


We occasionally prescribe deep-cleansing acne facials together with our aesthetician as a portion of your acne therapy. These soothing facials include steam, blackhead extractions, plus a recovery face mask.

Don't Let Acne Take On Your LifeThough Acne is more common, that does not make it any less frustrating for men and women that have it. In Credocto, we understand how tumultuous Acne could be. This skin condition may be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and may negatively affect your wellbeing. Our experienced dermatologists are pleased to give cutting edge treatment for individuals living with Acne. Our in-house Acne Therapy Center provides complete care for all ages and acne phases, and we're devoted to providing a secure, comfy, and unique individual encounter. To schedule your appointment, contact us now.


Our therapy suites are outfitted with the most recent dermatological lasers, for innovative, secure, comfortable treatment of your own skin's health and aesthetic demands. Our in-house Acne Therapy Center provides full care for all ages and acne phases. We supply a complete line of skincare products made to match your specific skin type.

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