Washing Machines History And Modernity

The washing machine is truly the most important invention in the world that has made life easier for women beyond recognition. Since ancient times, women have been collecting dirty linen and going to the river or bringing water into the house. This is how they washed their laundry using primitive devices such as pushers and washboards.

The first washing machines were a wooden box with a movable frame. They had a manual drive and, for a quality wash, they had to spend a huge amount of energy.

Periods of evolution in washing:

1920 - wooden tanks were replaced by enameled steel tanks;

1930 - the appearance of drain pumps with an electric motor, the invention of the mechanical timer;

1949 - the first automatic washing machine (USA) is created. Programs for her were stuffed on punch cards;

1978 - the first microprocessor in a washing machine, the control is automated;

Since the mid-1990s, washing machines have come to every home, a huge number of programs and functions, complete automation of the washing process.

In the 21st century, washing machines have become integrated into the smart home system and the Internet.

Modern washing machines: functions and differences

Basic operations performed by modern washing machines:

Washing - water is fed into the tank by passing through a flask containing detergent (powder / conditioner) and into the tank, forming a detergent solution. After that, the drum begins to rotate and produce a mechanical effect on the laundry (the washing solution is already heated in the washing machine). Note that the washing modes differ in the amount of water in the tub and the drum rotation speed;

Drain - the remains of the cleaning solution, after the end of the wash, are drained into the sewer pipeline using a pump;

Spin is the process of removing excess moisture from the laundry. It is provided by the drum rotation speed (usually from 600 rpm) and its duration. In this case, the laundry is pressed against the surface of the drum until the moment of a significant decrease in revolutions;

Rinsing - performed by mechanical action, but without heating the water. The volume of water corresponds to low mechanical stress on the laundry. All models of washing machines have a re-rinse function;

Drying - the process of blowing heated air on knitted items after washing. At the same time, the drum of the machine rotates for uniform airflow. In this case, humid air is redirected either to the ventilation or to the surface of a special container inside the washing machine. It is important to note that washer-dryers are among the most fragile home appliances. Therefore, the repair of such washing machines will be necessary, much more often.

By the mid-1800s, the United States was in the midst of an industrial revolution. As the nation expanded westward and industry grew, urban populations mushroomed and the middle class emerged with money to spare and boundless enthusiasm for labor-saving devices. A number of people can lay claim to inventing some kind of manual washing machine that combined a wooden drum with a metal agitator.

The washing machines differ in the automation (automatic and semi-automatic), energy consumption classes highest level 5 star, lowest 2 star, type of load front and top, washing programs and the amount of dry load.

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