Criteria To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Hand Dryer

Criteria To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Hand Dryer

Consumers striving to get maximum efficiency and reliability from the purchased automatic dryer are well aware that when choosing these devices, attention must be paid not only to design and price (although these criteria are also important) but also to take into account a number of other characteristics, from which can determine correctness and durability of the dryer.


Main selection criteria

Consider the main criteria that will help you make your choice.


Heater power

Electric hand dryers are classified according to generally accepted parameters, among which power should be highlighted:

Low-power. Appliances 0.8-1 kW will require more time to dry your hands, but electricity costs will be negligible. It is necessary to carefully consider the merits and criteria that are more important for use;

Medium power. Appliances 1-2 kW are considered average power. They allow you to reduce the drying time due to the good blowing force, but it is important to remember that the force of the airflow depends not only on the power indicators but also on the size of the nozzle;

High power. Devices exceeding the 2 kW range are high-power units that blow your hands heavily and dry them in a short period of time.

To get an effective hand dryer, you need to remember that nozzles of different sizes produce airflow in different ways: some heat more, others blow poorly. When choosing a power, you should focus on the flow of people for whom the device will be designed.


Airflow temperature

An equally important technical characteristic is the airflow temperature. The indicator can range from 40 to 80 °C. The speed varies in the range of 10-250 m/s. By relying on the correct combination of these parameters, it is possible to achieve the minimum time required to properly dry hands after washing. In high-speed dryers, water is not evaporated but blown away. The airspeed reaches 250 m/s at temperatures over 50 degrees.


Noise level

A high-performance fixture with a powerful fan is quite loud. If it is installed in a noisy room, then almost no attention is paid to the noise, but if it is a quiet café or school, then it is better to isolate the restroom.

Modern models are produced with built-in devices aimed at suppressing noise and vibration, but such instances increase the cost of an electric dryer.


The material

Plastic. Plastic dryers are economical; they can be purchased if the number of users is small. Such a device can burst at the slightest careless blow. Budget options are made from polycarbonate or polypropylene, wear-resistant models are made from melamine; Chrome or enamel-coated metal. The durable metal device does not lend itself to external mechanical damage, however, the chrome or enamel coating can be scratched. Such models are installed in educational institutions, clubs and discos. Most often they are vandal-proof, but to a greater extent, it depends on the design itself.


Inclusion type

Among the methods of inclusion, two main types are distinguished, which have their advantages and disadvantages:

Mechanical - button. It is activated by pressing a button, which is not entirely hygienic. Used in apartments, hotels, small institutions. The main advantage of the device is that it does not overheat;

Automatic - sensor. It is powered by an infrared sensor that reacts to movements in the area of ​​the electric dryer. This technique is hygienic, comfortable and practical.


Fan type

When choosing a unit with a powerful motor, you need to pay attention to such an important element as a fan. The air blowing speed directly depends on the power criteria of the ventilation part. If the fan does not work well, the drying time will be extended. There are two main types of motors — brushless and collector. Brushless models heat up less and carry more torque loads.


Air filtration

Some electric hand dryers have their own filtration. This function is necessary for every device because the device must filter the air so that bacteria do not accumulate inside and do not get on just-washed hands. The option significantly affects the cost of equipment, but the health of employees, customers and visitors is much more important.


Instrument warranty

The warranty period is 1 to 5 years, but the duration is not so important. At this point, special attention should be paid to the cases that are covered by the warranty. When choosing a perfect commercial hand dryer, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics. The cost of the equipment may vary depending on many parameters. In order not to overpay for the design, you need to study the specific features that are most suitable for individual needs.



Modern electric dryers are used in restaurants, cafés, shopping centers and other public places. High-quality and comfortable models influence the opinion of visitors about the company as a whole, so choose carefully!

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.
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