Tips to Make Your Work Life Easy With Slack

Tips to Make Your Work Life Easy With Slack

Thanks to technology, working in the comforts of our own home is now possible. More and more businesses are offering this option to their employees. If you are a manager or a company owner concerned about the transition from an office setting to a work-from-home setup, understand that your concerns are valid. Communication plays an important role in business, and not being in the same space definitely poses a challenge as you make this switch from working together in an office to working from separate locations.


Fret not as there are applications that can help you eliminate the communication problem. Slack is one of the best business communication and collaboration apps out there. It provides a wide range of features that will help you and your team manage conversations, share content, and integrate other business apps that you may be utilising in the company.


Top Tips for a Better Slack Experience

The transition is not going to be easy, but Slack can help ease you in. Here are some tips and things you should do for a better Slack experience:


Update Slack status for visibility.


The status feature helps everyone on the team see who is available and what everyone is doing. This feature helps each team members to be more visible. 


Use Slack reminders.


Slack has a reminders feature where you can select a message and set a reminder for it. This feature is useful when someone mentions a task in one of the conversations and you want to be reminded about it. All you need to do is select a message, and select Remind me about this, then set a time for when you want to be reminded.


Search an emoji instead of manually looking for it.


Slack has lots of emojis that you can use as a reaction to a message or simply as a part of your response. However, looking for the right emoji can be time-consuming, so instead of manually looking for it from one tab to another-- just use the search bar to look for it. The right keyword is the way! Okay, this isn't exactly a business-related feature, but it certainly helps for when you need a more casual tone in the conversation.


Customise and prioritise notifications.


If you or your members are active on Slack, chances are you'd get a lot of notifications. You will eventually miss some messages or get annoyed by all the notifications. To resolve this, you can customise and prioritise your notifications. You can find this in your Preferences setting. You can disable notifications, or limit the notifications you receive. You can tweak this setting to what you think is ideal.


Learn to use message shortcuts.


Slack has message shortcuts that you can activate by typing in a forward slash on your message box. Doing this will bring up a menu of useful shortcuts that you can select from including starting a call, inviting a user, leaving a channel, etc.


Learn how to see all your unread messages.


This tip is useful for really active teams with multiple projects. Much like notifications, it can get quite overwhelming when you have too many messages to read through, you will miss some things if you are not careful. Thankfully, Slack has a feature that allows you to filter your messages to only show you the unread messages.


You can see this option on the left side of Slack, you will find a tab that has three dots and says "More", if you click on it, you will find the "All unread" option. Just click on that option and start reading!


You can also access this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A on your keyboard.


Customise your Slackbot.


Slackbot is highly customisable. You can set it to provide information, content, and so much more. You can even chat with Slackbot! You can send Slackbot topics or questions. Apart from this, you can also set customised responses to specific queries or commands.



Communication plays an important role in keeping a team together. It is also an essential factor when working on projects or dealing with clients. Slack is a great application to develop and improve your team's communication, visibility, and productivity if you use it right. These tips will help you get a better experience with Slack

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