10 Signs That You’ve Found Your Perfect Partner

Does a perfect relationship even exist? In most relationships, things will be fine one minute, and then, the next minute, a fight erupts, and everything goes down like a house of cards. But there are some signs that indicate that you may have found your perfect partner. Here are 10 such signs to look out for if you are dating someone who may be the soul mate you have been dreaming of.

10 Signs That You’ve Found Your Perfect Partner


1. They’re also your best friend

Some people think that a best friend and a lover cannot be the same person. But this is not true. Most certainly, your lover can also be your best friend. We share everything with our best friend, and we love doing things with them. They have our backs, and we can count on them when we are in trouble. Isn’t that pretty much what we look for in our lovers too? Many people have been known to fall in love with their best friends. So if you find that your heart beats quickly when your best friend enters the room, it could be a sign that he/she could be that perfect partner, you are seeking.

2. You care for your friends’ and family’s opinions

Not all people care about what others – that includes family and friends - think of their lover. So if you are feeling tense about what others think about your relationship, it means things are getting serious

3. You share any good news with them first

Who is the first person you feel like sharing the good news with? That person is probably the one who is meant to be with you for life. It shows how important the person is to you.

4. You share bad news with them first

We share bad news with the person we trust the most. The person we trust the most is the one who will support us in times of trouble. That is why we rush to share the bad news with them. Not surprisingly, it could be your best friend or a family member you are very close to. But it could also be your lover.

5. You don’t tend to take each other very seriously

A sense of humor is a very desirable trait. Couples with a sense of humor can joke about each other and have a little fun at their partner’s expense without fearing that they will get offended or make a big fuss about it. This is a good sign that you don’t take each other very seriously and that the comfort level between you is very good.

6.You are serious when needed

On some occasions, you need to be serious with each other. If you both are quick to notice that something is troubling the other, then it shows that you are sensitive to each other’s emotions and feelings. On such occasions, you tend to adopt a serious attitude. This shows that your partner means a whole lot to you.

7. You don’t mind being seen together

Some couples feel shy to be seen hanging out with each other. If you feel very comfortable being with your partner in a public place, and don’t mind indulging in some PDA, then it’s a sign that you are with someone who is perfect for you.

8. You are not afraid of criticizing each other

Do you and your partner criticize each other? If yes, it’s a positive sign. It’s not a good idea to avoid conversations about stuff that you don’t like about your partner. It does them no favors and can even ruin the relationship. Speak up confidently if you see any annoying behavior and don’t hesitate to confront your partner. It only means that you both give importance to each other’s views.

9. You can envision a future together

Some relationships seem to be destined because of a zodiac sign match, or maybe because even the fact that your paths crossed seems so improbable. These coincidences may impel you to see a future together. If you can see each other having kids and growing old together, it means that you are made for each other.

10. You don’t shy away from arguments

No relationship is free of arguments. Even if you found the perfect partner, you may have disagreements. In any healthy relationship, partners will criticize each other, and this may cause some arguments. But as long as there is a valid reason for them, the relationship will not be threatened.

If you find that all the points mentioned above apply to your relationship, the chances are that you have found your perfect partner. You can also check out your zodiac sign compatibility as it is also an important factor in enduring relationships.

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