How Vortex Flow Meter Works with Efficient

How Vortex Flow Meter Works with Efficient

In the recent past, the flowmeter technology is embracing the vortex meters. It's a tech that has evolved from the linear types of meters. The hitches caused by linear meters paved the way to the growth of the linear type flow meters. 

What is Vortex Flow Meter?

A vortex flow meter is a device to measure the flow of liquids, gases, and steam. It is useful where a meter with moving parts cannot work. You can find these vortex meters in plastic or industrial grade brass. The meter faces minimum wear since it has no moving parts.

Vortex meter works when fluids and gases flow as swaying whirls in a process called vortex shedding. The size and shape of the body holding the liquid determine the frequency of shedding the vortexes. 

Vortex Meter Working Principle


As stated in the heading above, the vortex meter works under the vortex shedding principle. The vortex shedding frequency increases with the velocity of the fluid and the volume in the pipe. 

The vortex forms when the fluid flows over a barrier called a bluff body. The body causes an oscillating current on a liquid- that is, a fluid flows in whirls. The whirls will flow through the pipes and get to a sensor that registers the fluid's pressure difference. The swirls do not form on still liquid. When it starts to flow, it goes on linear motion. As the velocity increases, the vortexes start forming. Each vortex is separate from the others and flows with the fluid. 

Different pressure zones form downstream. The pressure difference happens when there is a difference in the frequency of the vertices. The situation is called 'Karman' vortex street.

In vortex meters, the temperature, pressure shocks, and pipe born vibrations do not affect the flow measurement. The volume flow means the distance between two vertices. That means that you find the total flow by counting the vortexes that flow over an area. 

When the flow velocity is low, you reduce the cross-sectional area to overcome the hitch. You can do this by introducing a smaller pipe to increase the speed within the tube.


Advantages of Vortex Flow Meters

There are several pros of using the vortex flowmeter over linear flow meters. First, the flow measurement does not depend on the conductivity and temperature of the fluid. That means the measure will be accurate. 

The meters are easy to install. Also, they have no impulse lines. There is little maintenance since there are no moving parts that cause the meter's wear. 

Vortex meters face little or no leaks. They also use little power. Thus, they are useful in rural and less developed areas. 

The vortex meter is unique as it houses all the fluid nature (Steam, liquids, and gases). Also, it's resistant to corrosion.


A vortex flow meter is easy to install and use. You can use it to tame the hitches brought by moving parts in other meters. Opt for digital meters that show more than flow measurements.

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