How To Care For Veterans With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

How To Care For Veterans With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

As much as serving for the country’s military is a pride for one, the consequences of having fulfilled the most difficult of jobs aren’t too bright. Many military veterans who have fulfilled their years of service have fought and defended their country, do not live happily after. This is because they develop PTSD. If you’re one of the many who are suffering from this issue, we bring you good news. There are many easy things you can do to start feeling better again.


PTSD Symptoms In Veterans

Soldiers go through the most horrific events, but they are taught all their life to be strong, hence they keep their nerves strong and serve their fair share in the battleground without any problem. Once they retire, all their concealed pain starts coming out. If you’re a veteran who has come back from your service, it’s normal to have a hard time adjusting with the ordinary life. You might feel emotionless, have difficulties in expressing your feelings, fail to keep your calm, and panic on petty things. These are all normal symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s certainly not easy to live with this condition, but you can cure your problems, without the need for a professional.

Understanding What Causes PTSD

PTSD occurs when you go through a traumatic experience in your life. Seeing death or a similar horrific event puts your mind and body in a state of shock. The nervous system gets stagnant. Your nervous system has two ways of responding to traumatic experiences:

Mobilization: If you find yourself in a life-threatening position, you’ll notice your heart beating faster, your blood pressure spiking up and your muscles pump up, making you all the more reactive. If you successfully pass the danger, your nervous system will relax and your whole body will come back to its normal state.

Immobilization: This state comes when you have encountered a plethora of stressful and extremely dangerous situations. After a certain point, your nervous system gets stuck and fails to revert to its normal state. This is why people are unable to move on from certain bad experiences of their life. This is called PTSD.


How To Recover From PTSD


  1. Increase Movements And Exercises

Exercising daily is the best practice for veterans who have developed PTSD. Working out pushes adrenaline in your blood and it releases the endorphin neurotransmitters in your mind, which is responsible for making you happy. By working on your body and fitness, you can pull your nervous system out of the stagnant position, the immobilization.


  1. Socialize With People

Connecting and mingling with people in person is the most effective way to feel better. If you’re a veteran suffering from PTSD, you need to sit with someone who will listen to you without passing any judgments. Someone who can accompany you whenever you need them. You can count on your family members, spouse, or friends. Moreover, you can also volunteer to provide support to anyone needy. This way, you can mingle with the other person and at the same time feel you’re doing something good.


  1. Encountering Flashbacks

It’s normal for veterans with PTSD to see flashbacks of their combats and other horrific events, even in daylight. You might feel as if it’s happening right now. Tell yourself that this isn’t real and that all this has passed. Therapists have coined a term known as “dual awareness”, which refers to a difference between observation and experience. It’s your internal emotions and experiences when you feel the trauma happening again. Whereas, looking at the externals and observing everything that exists in front of you is a way to reassure yourself that you’re safe. Some techniques to help cure this issue are:

  • Talking to yourself and stating that the vision you see is of the past and the present is safe.
  • Write about what you experienced. Mentioning what you saw in the flashback and that it’s all about the past.
  • Speak about what you see in the flashbacks or nightmare
  • Tap your arms when in the state to push yourself back in the present.


These tips will help you come out of your trauma and live normally, helping you enjoy the remainder of your life. However, if you still feel you can’t take care of yourself and that you need help, feel free to contact My Nurse Family to avail of the best-skilled nursing service. After all, you are our national hero and we shall take great pride in serving you.

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